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    how do I view a case # ticket to one of my avatars thhat has been blocked, I have the case #, but can not log as that avatar. and yes i meant blocked that is what the email said, and no you can not view your case if your avator is blocked,(not that dumb myself)
  2. in the last email I have recived from LL informs me that my info still does not match and i should make a new avatar. I have just lost $200 plus in money and inventory in that avatar. I hope LL's makes good use of my money, but I am not so easy taken advanatage of because that is my virtual property, I will contenual all means to have it restored to me.
  3. My account was put on hold because I forgot my pass word and secuirity question, I should have had it on a card so this would not happen. I was told to summit a picture ID, my question is should this be a copy of my driver licence or birth certificate.
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