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  1. Second Life isn't the only company in the world being affected by this anti-gambling law in Belgium that is focused on loot boxes (like our gachas) in gaming. Nintendo pulled two games from Belgium over this. https://www.engadget.com/2019-05-21-nintendo-pulls-two-mobile-games-in-belgium-due-to-loot-box-laws.html Blizzard and others have complied and others have pulled their games, too.
  2. Prime Waterfront Protected Land with ample room for sailing. Breedables welcome. Mainland 8192 sqm parcel for sale To see and buy: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nooribeom/190/226/24
  3. MM Boards do require you to join their group in order to participate. If they were free to slap by anyone then it would be a fair game to everyone. Otherwise the 'payment' to slap is to have to add the group of the owner. Maybe this is part of something they are now saying is a violation?
  4. Yes, it's that way in rl, also, that most animals can run faster then humans. Only super-humans can outrun animals! LOL
  5. I'd say NO to it being on by default. I don't want to go somewhere by accident and as shakey as SL can be at times, that would happen.
  6. There is just no way to undo what has been done... I mean you can't go back and make it right. What sells for Valentine's Day will not sell during this special promotion... the Valentine's sales are over, all the items created just for the holiday will not be sold during the promotion. Instead of spending time creating those little places of exploration spend the effort and energy on doing things that really matter such as making the marketplace so it can handle holiday shopping, doing maintenance before the holiday to ensure it's going to work for the holiday shopping, to name just one thing.
  7. I'm not sure on the facts, but I've heard that the CEO of SL is the creator of The Sims Online... well, as an old TSO player all I can say is that went BUST so what's in store for SL??????? Why would they bring someone over from a FAILED online game??? AND what's this with the MP being DOWN on a VERY IMPORTANT HOLIDAY???? Instead of creating those areas of fun in the game... get things RIGHT like expanding prim counts on regions... keeping the MP running and not being down... stopping the crashing... STOP TAKING LINDENS FROM OUR ACCOUNT BECAUSE YOU FEEL LIKE IT LIKE YOU DID WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I'll be honest that I'm not familiar at all with the security devices mentioned. I read all of the comments. I wonder what is so different in SL? One comment was about being scanned without consent. We are scanned every place we go (in the usa) without our consent. We are watched at street lights and scanned for security purposes. I don't think it's right, but it's being done. So what is the difference? Is it because SL is thought to be able to be a 'utopian' world so peeps don't want anything to bust their bubble inworld? I don't get it. Facebook is linked with so many businesses that if you are buying something at some internet store next time you go into facebook your store, and even the item you purchased, will be popping up in your ads on your home page and wall. Talk about evasion. How many people in here use ANY applications in facebook, for example, (not to pick on facebook alone)? Every application you accept you are giving them 100% access to your most private information, pictures, comments, etc. to be used at their discretion without any required future permissions from you. There is no such thing as not being 'plugged' in unless you live as a hermit somewhere, and even then, there's someone watching you...
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