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  1. I've had nothing but problems with Direct Delivery... to the point I'm about to swear off Linden Lab and close down my store. Except of course, there appears to be no way to delete my store. The problems are varied and major: 1. The system can actually duplicate items with identical names. If this happens... you can't mass-delete the errant items. You have to delete them one... by... one. And with the lag on SLM... that can take hours. Or days. Or weeks. " There are multiple items with the same name. To list or combine items, please review and mange them accordingly." That is a royal pain. Why not delete en-masse and re-try ??? 2. Items that are showing up as errant... but cannot be deleted. I reported this bug to LL a long, long time ago... but of course it's still unfixed. 3. Although it is possible to edit the listing name... the item name cannot be changed (at least, not that I can see). 4. System keeps "resetting connection" when I try to access my Marketplace home. Not to mention the extreme lag. One has to wonder at LL giving us such a limited amount of time to convert our inventory. Do they have no idea how many merchants are involved in this... or how many items we'll be converting. This is a major pain in the tooshie that will never be worth all the work involved in moving from a simple prim rezzed on a piece of land.
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