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  1. So the Bento question is a good one, and I think the only sensible answer is "YES". We will be in touch in-world. Thanks for your replies!
  2. HI- I am looking for an experienced animator who could put together a couple of simple (standing, sitting, Etc.) smoking animations for a newly-revised cigarette. The cigarette technology is established and we need the animation to bring it to life! I am the "fixer" here, so answers to any questions or details requested will come from the creative team. Thanks! ~~~~Jenni~~~~
  3. Daisy, thanks for the picture! I am unclear about one thing...The Tonic body still needs a system avi to attach to? And the system Avi still controls, via the sliders, the available parameters? So the face of the head is really a combo of the system avi "underneath" (mostly and the mesh body (somewhat) underneath? Is this true? ~~~Jenni~~~
  4. Thank you so much! this all helps and reminds me to move sliders that I may not have thought to move!
  5. Um....OP here....can someone tell me if Lelutka is shut down for renovation? I can't TP to the store and I don't see the Greer head on MP....
  6. Thanks everyone for their suggestions! I have hound mesh heads (and their HUDs) to be remarkably diverse and for that reason, exhausting to explore. That is why I was looking for recommendations... I appreciate the pictures, since they cut to the chase quickly. I need to look at the Tres Beau and hunt around for the right Lelutka. For reference, I'm looking more for a look like Chrissy Metz than Chrissy Teigen.... I'll continue to look and try Thanks again!
  7. I have a pic on my Flickr account from the skybox days....I loved going there and still go by the club now and then...we've all changed so much! Thank you for keeping the club for so many years!
  8. Thanks for reminding me of this avi shape & system. She's not something I had considered, since I only want the head, but thank you!
  9. I am thinking of making the leap into using a mesh head. I wonder if anyone has any experience or comments on a particular head that would allow for fairly plump cheeks and/or a round face? My avi is a BBW and I prefer the fuller, plumper look as opposed to an average "slender" face. Thanks for any help! ~~~Jenni~~~
  10. Fionalein-THANK YOU...this is already making my life less crazy! Lindal-yes, so it is a little messay....and I will not tell you what my Email inbox is like....But thanks for the flat inventory issue link. I promise I'll get it below 3000 items real soon! ~~~Jenni~~~
  11. So.....I don't always move things from my Received Folder (at the bottom of the inventory screen) after I get them. I wear the piece of clothing or the hair or makeup or whatever and while I might save it s an outfit, I forget to save the applier at the same time. Is there away to search "Received" for things I KNOW I have, but they are buried in my 3500+ item "received" folder? ~~~Jenni~~~
  12. Thanks guys, I was afraid that was the answer, but was hoping that I had simply missed some out in the open feature that everybody except me know about. I agree it is a major miss on Marketplace. I have been in SL for 12 years, purchasing on first SLX then MP, so I have more than a few pages that I have to look through by hand... On the other hand, every time I look back a year or two I say..."I did not know I had that!", so it's not all bad!?
  13. Does anyone know of a way to search my Marketplace account history for information on something I bought like 2 years ago and need to get redelivered? The sellers redelivery terminal seems to only work for their items that have been bought on that in-world vendor... Thanks! ~~~Jenni~~~
  14. Sylvannas, thank so much! Sometimes we stop looking just as we were to find what we were looking for and that may have happened to me. The links you provided are right on, thank you! Tazzie, Thank you as well. Sylvannas seems to have found what I could not and now I have lots of things to try! Thanks, again, ~~~Jenni~~~
  15. Thanks for the encouragement, but I don't think I was communicating very well. This is what I am talking about...and not just pictures applied to nails, but actual 3D looking pieces of nail art...*smile* ~~~Jenni~~~
  16. I tried a search but came up empty handed, so here goes...IS anyone in SL making encrusted nails? I've seen pictures before and lots of you tube clips, but last week-end I got to see some nails up close that were just amazing and I'd love to wear nails like that in SL. Any suggestions?
  17. Thanks, I have started to do that and a couple possibilities have shaken out!
  18. Yes, I have.... twice without any real results...but it's a good question. I'll keep trying with different search parameters-I'm hoping a posting here might yield a result as well...Thanks for taking the time to respond!
  19. Hi, Without being too graphic, does anyone know where I can purchase such items in SL? Thanks! (a very chastened) ~~~Jenni~~~
  20. I've been "Plus Size" in SL for over 11 years now and I tell you, things now are better than ever for big girls! What you want to look for, in general, are clothes using the "Omega" system. This means that with a mesh plus-sized body, you can wear an amazing collection of attractive, fashionable clothing. I suggest you get the omega applier for your body (some are built-in, some need a hud with the applier for that system installed) and then look for "omega" in MP. Get a couple of demos and learn what works. Use a little care in that some outfits will fit the "standard" sizing for m
  21. I'd like to try some curved prim nails for my avi but have not found any for sale. Does anyone have an idea where I could find such things? Thanks!
  22. Does anyone know of an available mesh head that is clearly appropriate for a plump, BBW or SSBBW system or mesh body? There have been a couple of larger female bodies availabe in the past year or so and I think they would look best with a well-fed looking face/head. I am only recently getting into mesh stuff in Sl because as a BBW, there has been very little reason to. Now that fat mesh bodies are starting to be available for purchase, I wonder if I can buy a head already designed or do I need to learn all the 3D modeling skills & Blender (not that that is a bad thing) or use the mesh hea
  23. Thanks for the tip! I actually read a couple of your other comments and looked closely and figured it out! Thank you so much!!!
  24. I have been using the profile feed for several months and then about 2 weeks ago, some pics I uploaded got "stuck" in processing and now nothing I upload shows up at all. What can I do to break the jamup and upload pictures again? Thanks, ~~~Jenni~~~
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