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  1. Hey so! I've been on the hunt for someone who makes hair, I have this character I'm working on and his hair is a last thing. I've looked on the MP and in world for hair like his but failed, So now I'm looking for someone who can make it for me. I'll post a picture of the character. Please I'm almost desperate! You can reply to this or IM me in world: Umeko Silvershade *no resident I'm before the resident era* is my name
  2. Hi! If this is the wrong board for this, just move me. My boyfriend and I are trying to form a partnership in SL, I got the email saying he sent a proposal, however when I go to my page here on SL website, there is nothing there D: I also tried to send him one he says he accepted it but nothing's happening. None of us are habing any partners at the moment and both have Ls in our account to pay for it. Please help us D: with regards Umeko Silvershade of Second Life
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