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  1. Talking to the animals ay Calas Christmas A must see for the holidays!
  2. My question concerns Region Owners and Estate Managers. If a Region Owner hires an Estate Manager, why can the Manager only see the *scripted* prims owned by others on the estate, and not actual , non-scripted objects? In the same vein, the actual Region Owner can go to individual parcels and can not see non-scripted objects on the estate/region panel. Everyone has access to their own land (objects owned by others), but this capability is not afforded Region Owners/Managers. I think this is a vital capability for the smooth running of a region. Let's say the Squatter Family decide
  3. With the new "premium" benefit of having a 1024 lot instead of 512, are there any plans to release or put for sale the vast amount of "abandoned" land?
  4. have you tried to update the driver for your graphics card? Yes, Alexios, thank you though, I even bought a new graphics card and have updated it twice (for SL2). My frame rate is fairly good, but the crashes still occur.
  5. I wish I could say I love this version, but I can't stay on long enough to find out - it crashes constently on my machine (quad core, ATI Radeon 5750 grahics card). I started with Viewer 2, and really prefer the interface to Phoenix, but after a zillion crash reports, I'll either have to go back to an earlier version or stay with Phoenix. <sigh>
  6. Hooray for more groups! As a board caller, and a paying member for several of my groups, the increase can't come fast enough for me.... Wouldn't it be nice if we could also categorize our groups into subdivisions - MM groups, land groups, store groups, friend groups. I'd jump on that feature in a heartbeat!
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