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  1. MP very slow on IE - known prob I understand. Nees to change default browser in SL to Chrome - MP fine on that
  2. Thanks all. I do use IE so I'll try switching to Chrome and hopefullly that will solve it.
  3. What on earth has happened to SL Marketplace? It's so slow that it's effectively unuasable - been like that for some weeks now. At first I thought it was a problem of some sort with my PC but that's running just fine with everyting else. Now friends are telling me that they too are giving up on MP. What I do now is use the 'web search' button in Firestorm and although, like MP' some of the results are a bit odd at least its useable. Sl needs to fix MP or dump it.
  4. Thanks to all who replied. Found some 'ideal' land now and in the ptocess of setting up home there.
  5. Thanks Chyrs. Only just back from RL holiday so still in 'catch up' mode. I've not found anything I like yet and, dammit, I was outbid yesterday on a plot I fancied on the LL auction listing. I do have an eye on another plot which is 'abandoned land' and I'm waiting for LL to come back to me about making that available - quick they aren't I'm afraid. Meantime I'm still looking so maybe if you catch me in world you cant tell me if you have anything available. I log on most nights around midnight my time until aroond 2:00am. Note though that I'm UK so usual time diff prob applies I expect. Otherwise just IM me. If you did that while I was on hol I won't have seen - my IMs get capped most times I'm away more than a day.
  6. Many thanks Qie. Yes, agreed no need to rush and noy tempted to ruch into getting a plot that isn't right (for me). As for highre up front prices, understand and I expected that. I'm not 'super rich' but don't mind paying a decent price for the right place. I do already have a group that I'll be buying the land for but overlooked the group bonus thing so thanks for that.
  7. Many thanks Rufferta. I am keeping an eye on auctions and have been to see a few plots offered there - none suited me and some were 'dire'! One was way unerwater by some very unnatratcive cliffs. I can trerraform but a deep sea diver I'm not *grin*. Watching the classifieds and so on too but found nothinh there yet - may say 'for sale' but vendors turn out to be offering rental. As for staying a while to see what 'grows' - good advice. Thanks again.
  8. Just starting research into available pacel to buy on which to place a log cabin I'm keen on. I currently rent a home in SL and been there some years - time for a change! What I'm after is a plot in a quiet area that is NOT heavily overlooked by urban builds. So, half decent views needed - over ocean or waterway would be ideal. Alternatively, a quiet 'forest/woodland area'. NOT snow place!. No immediate rush as off on hol (RL) very soon but want to start looking around before I go. Will prob be August before I make final decisions. Please, land for sale ony - NOT interested in renting (I want to 'own' something after 6+ years in SL!) 2048 only (or 2560 if I deed my 512 as Premium Member) Beth :matte-motes-bashful-cute:
  9. Probably nothing whatever to do with your problem but if you've loaded latest version of 64 bit Firestorm it'ds essential to uninstall the prev version first. Some of my friends didn't and simply loaded new version resulting in endless crashes.
  10. I'm UK and there are plenty of others around! As to where to 'play' I spend a lot of time at a beach based sim which has quite a few UK/Europe members as well as people from all over the world. Drama free place with weekly dances (with DJ). Great place to chat, make friends or just lounge & relax. Ther;s even a Zen Island for 'meditation' and Tai Chi there. STRICTLY ladies only - no males,no furries - normal (female) avis only. Contact me if interested and want more information.
  11. Another vote for 'Sweethearts' You can dance alone there, or there are couples dancess too. Nice place, good atmosphere
  12. Just stied to log in to sl, same for me - 'linited log ins'. BUT I tried my alt & that was fine - strange!
  13. Hooray! Tried agin today (to get changed) and whetever the bug was SL has killed it. All back to what passes for normal now.
  14. Ha - just looked to see if fixed yrt and it isn't. I was a cloud, that eventually cleared but left me all grey. Couple of rbakes had no effect. Unable to take off the two layers of skirts I'm wearing too. What a pain!
  15. Had probs too today, when trying to change clothes. Inv 'unable' to supply items and I actually ended up wearing two skirts, one on top of the other, while trying to sort. Neither will come off and I was unable to put on a top either - inv wouldn't supply. Facwd with two skirts & no top I gave up and had to use my alt WITHOUT changing any of her clothes. I do hope the problem, whatever it is, is sorted soon!
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