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  1. Agreed .. they also were very subtle about announcing and inviting to SL8B And in mailed notes.. they called the "oldest community" - Boardman, which is abadoned rsidental area, , belonging to LindenLab... Babbing about "kind residents" who can "tell stories"... That sim is empty for years- so neighboars say about it, and I live nearby never seen there anyone (except today - someone decided to visit sim after getting notice?). And they ignored and didnt invited Luskwood - oldest running and active community ( created in Semptember 2003 in Lusk). Actually it's first SL8B ran by residents - and organized awfully - they could make at least good logo and write more believable text. Boardman is community themed sim, but there was no community ever
  2. still there are 'normal' viewers for download c.c . I know some aussies in Melbourne and suburbs on SL
  3. Gaikai requirements (minimal) is 100 ms, sweetspot is55. For reference, average latency between large cities in US, Canada, Russia is about 20-30 ms, between states in US - 60-80 ms. Between Canada and US 100-160 ms, between US and Russia 250-450 ms
  4. Cybin Monde: LL is lucky that they didn't received site block yet due to such silent redirect (which is also non-secure ) from internet security services as anti-phishing measure or getting in list of non-reliable sites. AT least when I tried to use redirection my firewall detected redirection and asked if I want add secondlife.com to block list. Is that what would happen with most people who don't know what SecondLife is (YES, LL , there ARE such people in world). P.S. If it wasn't LL but some other company , name of which I don't know, then this fuss and "real name" thingy made me to think that it is some another potentially faudulent real name phishing endeavour... In our days submitting your real data endangers you, even having your name deiscosed sometimes dangerous, and people who are afraid of being mashed by skimmers, phishers or just internet terrorist aren't interested in it.
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