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  1. Thanks to everyone that helped.. I have heard of Pheonix and firestorm.. I know Pheonix will be leaving and firestorm taking over. I dont really want to use the new updated sl one. Everyone i have tlaked to hates it. So i Guess i will download Firestorm and watch the utube aboue setting it up.. thanks loads guys
  2. I am using viewer 1.23.5 . A couple of places have told me i need to upgrade my viewer to use some of their things.. Can someone tell me which is the next upgrade? Thank you
  3. objects set to show in search at my store.. they have been showing for months, and now all of a sudden none are showing.i have the show in search $30 checked and it is automatic out of my acct.
  4. i sort of understand what u are saying.. but what about the things that have been showing in search for over a month now..If i add something does that affect those also?
  5. I pay every month to have store listed in search .. For months i have been on either page one or two.. Now i cant even find any of my things in search all. anyone have any idea what happened?
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