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  1. hey all i am looking for someone to do some rigging and maybe fitted mesh im not sure yet, here is some pics of one of the models i have and i have another thats the same but it is for males and this is for females, if any editing needs to be done to make this work please let me know first and how much more that will cost.







    Side 1



    Side 2





  2. so i have tried the sl viewer aswell as third party viewers and none of them will startup, basically it goes through the decting hardware and cache stuff and once that goes away it just disappears, i checked task manager and it shows up and right before it is supposed to start it just goes away, i have uninstalled a bunch of stuff and everything except reinstall windows and still nothing, there is also no errors in event viewer

  3. i just had to reply to this thread and here is why, a while back i was googling for some info on blender and happend upon a website for a copybot viewer, not going to say its name or anything, anyway, the site had a forum and i decided to check it out and what i saw surprised me, they had fully ripped mesh items from some big names here in SL and some i dont know how, even still had their rigs in place.

    now is it possible to copybot mesh that is a big YES and it would not surprise me if someones meshes here on the forum was on that site

  4. if anyone ever gets the Media Plugin Webkit error on sl and are not able to see profiles or anything like that in the viewer, uninstall every viewer you have and delete anything the uninstaller asks you to delete, then download a new installer and install it to your C:\ drive and run it as admin thats what fixed it for me


    also if you have any third party software to transfer or view files for apple devices remove them aswell

  5. i kinda have the same problem but im using blender, on my desktop i edited a model and decided to try to export the textures with the dae file and it works fine no problem, however i left home for a little while and took my laptop with me with the same version of blender and everything but for some reason the textures will not export and when i go to upload the model and check the box for textures in the upload window to see if they work they dont show up, i cant figure out what the difference between the two are, is there anything i can try to get it working on my laptop?

  6. everytime i try to login to aditi i get the error in the picture below, however i can login to agni just fine no problems and i have friends that can login to aditi without any problems, so whats the deal and how do i fix it? i dont have a firewall or a antivirus and the windows firewall is fully turned off, i have also restarted my modem and router and that didnt fix it, i have cleared the viewers cache and restarted and reinstall and that didnt work and i have tried other viewers aswell and get the samething with aditi


  7. i also found this in the log file after getting a dae parsing error

    2011-11-03T14:18:15Z INFO: LLModelLoader::doLoadModel: Collada Importer Version: 1.4.1
    2011-11-03T14:18:15Z INFO: LLModelLoader::doLoadModel: Dae version 1.4.0
    2011-11-03T14:18:15Z INFO: LLModelPreview::verifyCount: Error: (expected/got)16512/16360verts

  8. It's not the extra vertices that are causing it its me editing the weight paint for some reason, if I leave the weight paint alone it will upload but if I delete the weight and do it myself it wont upload giving me the dae parsing error

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