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  1. Heyas everyone! This is just a quick question XD I own a RP sim where i have available stalls and advertisement board areas. My main question is i guess. Are there any known groups in SL where you can advertise that I for example have available stalls and such? There probably is but i'd hate to join a group and go advertising this sort of thing and being in the wrong for doing so >.< so if any of you know anything could you please let me know ^^ Thankies! Hope you all have a great day =)
  2. Hi there, Me and my friend Rania own a roleplay sim called Realm of Valahari - A new beginning, we would like to create a simple, yet complex hud (i think its complex XD) , so we are looking for someone willing to work together (with me) in creating this hud, unfortunatly i cant pay anyone to do this so it will all be in good will. And will be greatly thankfull if someone does decide to help me. The basic idea for the hud is to have a weather, inventory, monetary and health system. This is only for roleplay purpose and no combat at all. I'm not sure if this would entail us needing php to communicate to all huds of users, regarding the weather and such, i am at complete loss =P An inworld server (if possible) would be better as we also cant afford a full domain area. Perhaps in the future. Also it would be nice for it to communicate with a titler, again if possible. This is still a developing idea to enrich the experience of our roleplayers at our sim. Thank you all for looking at this, have a nice day! =)
  3. Sorry for the late reply, but yes it does ^^ We have several kingdoms there so there is a place for merfolk and sea creatures .We even have a seal roleplaying there hehe. The mer area extends from the docks to almost every kingdom. If you need a tour or anything else let me know! =)
  4. Hi there! Rania Darkrose and I have re-opened a long running sim based on Valaharian RP called 'Realm of Valahari - A New Beginning'. This non-metered medieval fantasy sim has a beautiful layout, an intriguing backstory, a long-running storyline and is packed full of interesting and diverse characters. Welcoming characters of all ages! We look forward to seeing you there. Please hop over and take a look, I am sure you will like it! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beautiful%20Mind/154/115/1501
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