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  1. Possibly? I dunno. I just disliked the anim anyway so junked it
  2. Hey, I saw in another thread where you could stretch your display over two monitors, potentially putting the huds etc over on one whilst you have your world view on the main screen. How does one do this?
  3. I got banned once by a dance hall/escort place I was a dancer at, because I went and danced also at a competitors place. Never trash talked or mentioned either spot at the other locale. I wasn’t just fired, but also banned. Owner was a total dick who is still around,
  4. Great suggestion. I also had an issue with my Vista AO where, upon typing the word “rock,” it would stand my avatar up and do this rock star fan thing, complete with fingers on the hands, cheering. What a way to break a moment. I figured this out, and went into the AO and deleted the rock animation. Solved. Only took me two years to figure out. As I’m a paragraph role player who loves writing, you can imagine what a pain this was.....
  5. But what if you just have a naturally lower range voice for a gal? Lol
  6. actually no, not per this informational site from LL https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/managing-private-regions-r50/#Private_Region_transfer_FAQ go about 1/3 to 1/2 way down under transferring private regions. It's $300.
  7. Tier due 5/2, I'm looking to try to get out of this by then. Can sell any date after 4/25. Looking for $1,500 ($300 transfer fee included).
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