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  1. So.. is simplebot.dae also not going to be made available to the public until the 13th? I keep checking http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh_Walkthrough:_Rigged_Mesh_Upload to see if it's been unlocked yet, and the download link still dead-ends at:


    It seems that you have tried to perform an operation which you are not permitted to perform.

    If you think this message is wrong, please consult your administrators about getting the necessary permissions.

    Even if folks can't try the import function until the 13th, it would be nice if we could get the simplebot.dae file, so we could see how an avatar mesh would need to be put together.
  2. Next Steps for Mesh Import

    Thanks for posting the log, and the added info about prim usage calculations. I guess I'll have to wait and see if the magic compression calculation can make mesh models usable. 4k seems bizarrely low, though.

    if I can't import a mesh with the equal number of vertices as a 32 X 32 sculpt, for the same prim usage, then I'm not going to be too thrilled.

  3. Next Steps for Mesh Import

    If 4k worth of .DAE file is going to equal one prim, then mesh isn't going to be very useful.

    I just saved a cube to collada format. 5k.

    Which would make it a 2-prim cube.

    So, if that's the case, then forget prim savings from using mesh. Mesh would actually use more prims than SL's native building tools.

    I seriosly hope 4k != 1 Prim. That's asinine.

  4. Next Steps for Mesh Import

    For the beta testers: got a Q.

    There are going to be 4 sub models, one for each level of detail, and a collision mesh?

    Does the vertice weight of all four models count against prim usage, in one big lump? Or does it only use the Hi-res version of the model to calculate that, since really - only one model at a time will be rendered in-world.

    So like - one object:

    Hires layer: 1024 vertices

    Medium res layer: 512 vertices

    Lowres layer: 256 vertices

    Collision layer: 256 vertices

    Will SL calculate that vertice weight to be 2048? Or 1024?

  5. Next Steps for Mesh Import

    I'm looking forward to getting my hands on Mesh. I really am.

    I've been a professional 3d Modeler outside SL for well over a decade, now. Being able to bring some of my 3ds experience into SL without having it strained through sculpties will be extremely sweet.

    I just hope that mesh won't be tied to the 2.X interface. Otherwise, it won't be widely adopted until some third-party client (Hello Phoenix, I'm looking at you) gives it to us, and that could take awhile.

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