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  1. it seem to be a glitch if you type 587,56 then it' return .. The Process Credit service is temporarily down. Please wait a few minutes and try again If you write with a dot, then it work suddenly. 587.56
  2. It's not fixed at all, I still have 3 products of another creator on my marketplace. 2 years, and it's still not fixed. lol
  3. Same issue noticed today, So I wonder wtf, with linden lab. Never they will fix a bug.
  4. yeah a ticket, because the live chat.... The guy I got said "I don't understand, everything appear ok to me"... https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/52380 that's ok ? I notice almost 50 different creators names on this page.
  5. Same problem with Second Life RC LeTigre But isaw these problem of objects stuck on ground with more or less all servers. Servers way to slow, it's busy, you take the object, and it's stuck. Only way to taking it, is to restart the sim. It's really not serious. 6 month to send tickets and tickets and the problem isn't fixed anymore.
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