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  1. it would be great to upload full songs not just part of them
  2. i like to is why can we not get full songs on sl not just 9 seconds of it i think it would be great to get full songs on sl
  3. Mouse Marenwolf


    well i think you are and im asking it on here
  4. Mouse Marenwolf


    hi i like to ask why is land so dear i see you can buy land a full sim for $600usd but why is the Monthly Maintenance so dear its like $295usd a month i think thats a bit to much thats like $3540 a year we are in ssecond life not the real world its a non stop game this needs to be looked at and i see that the land prices have gone down thats good but i think the the monthly maintenance should be lower
  5. i was just trying to log in to sl but i found what it was it was my firewall it use to let me log in but i update it and it will not let me in so i havd turned it off and find out why is it doing it but thank you for the reply
  6. ok i have a prob when i got home from work i tryed to log in to sl and found out i can not i got 8 hours sleep and tryed to log in again but still got the same prob i get this message (login failed despite our best efforts something has gone wrong please check status second life grid to see if there is a known prob with the service) but i see my friends on line why can i get on line are they doing maintenance or what can some one tell me is this going to be fixed very soon
  7. Mouse Marenwolf


    ok today i have clear my cache 5 times in the last 5 hours what the hell is going on its not me its sl are they going to fix this
  8. well im still waiting it has been weeks now and your not helping i need to know when is it going to get fixed all they all on a smoke break still waiting
  9. is any 1 going to fix this it has been days now or dose no 1 care
  10. so when are they going to fix it im still waiting i know its xmas are they going to fix it or not
  11. when are my items coming back im missing like 3000 of them when are thay going to fix the prob its been like 2 weeks now are thay going to fix it if so when
  12. hi im looking for templates for teeshirtsor tanktop as i can not find any i have looked on sl and found nothing it would be help full if some one can help me or tell me where i can download them thank you regards mouse
  13. i still like to know why can they not change it to 50 it would be better
  14. what i like to know is why can we not have more groups like we can only have 42 can we take it up to 50 what is the prob with that come on lets get it to 50 please
  15. a big thank you it all came back
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