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  1. I have loved this sim forever. I would also call on LL to please preserve our history in a way that such amazing places and our history are not lost. Maybe there is a way to have it voted into continuity by the SL community at large. Please allow us to keep it going...
  2. I am having the exact same issue and have clean reinstalled SL and Firestorm viewers which has worked in the recent pass. Today nothing is working to get into my account... *sigh* Any thoughts about why this is happening in Windows 10 on a very fast computer with a very fast internet 300 up and down. I am using my own hub and nothing has changed.
  3. Hiya Wizard, I am interested in your full sim. is it grandfathered by any chance? I contacted you inworld as well so give me a shout when you are about! Thanks, Luckie Howlett
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