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  1. I can see being a/r'd if I was saying something false..but it's all truth. I'm just curious when sim owners got this way...I'm not sure all are..but seems a lot of people I talk to have had this experience. I never did that as a sim owner, and even gave refunds when I said "no refunds"
  2. If anyone can help..be greatly appreciated. My SL/RL bf and I rented a 1/4 sim on a private island. after a while we decided to move to a different location (better traffic/etc), my bf put "not renewing" on the rental box. The island owner reclaimed the lot immediately and set up for resale. We had over 2 weeks of rent left on it (4999/wk). We both have asked for a refund, and for our trouble got banned from all sims owned by that person. He has filed an A/R (as he was the initial renter), and of course have asked nicely. Can anyone help me?
  3. Ice Dance Club is looking for dependable hosts and DJs! Must be at least 30 days old to apply. Never hosted before? No problem, we'll train ya! Prefer experienced DJs, but am willing to do some training. Contact Shellbell Vlodovic for hosting and Darkprince Core for djing! Hope to see ya there!
  4. I have 5+ years running, owning, djing, hosting at various clubs in SL. I'm looking for a paying management position with a reputable club in SL. References available. Can do fillins as needed also. Contact me in game via IM or notecard. TY.
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