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  1. So this only one reason to pay 100$ for premium to have some more groups. OMG Customers need to pay for more groups for to be informed about news and go to buy the new items. Where is the logic? People always pay yeah
  2. What??? All ads now are on FB,Flickr etc... who really need the groups to promote ? sounds funny
  3. Free? I pay my premium per year, private region fee each month and LindeX fee, Cachout fee, Marketplace fee, events fee… And what do I have for it? Just a platform ?
  4. So, if I understood you well in total it will be 9.5% to sending money to paypal, cuz 4.5% on LindeX per transaction to exchange the L$ before sending money and you doubled it to 5%!!! thats sounds too bad for content creators…. looks like the final price of all items should raise too, why not??
  5. Thank you so much Peter for links.
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