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  1. I think pictures and videos speak louder than words, all the system info is on the JIRA. But as you see, even though a Linden commented on the JIRA, all he had to say was a criticism of a coworker and a complaint about what I typed based on their website information. I have never seen a program fail to be able to be moved to Applications and I've been using Mac computers (and Windows computers, I own both) for an extremely long time. I think Viewer version 3.0.0.xxxx doesn't work on my computer and I think if you look at the video, you will agree. Please take dramamine before the vide
  2. All these glorious "features" of viewer 2.x do not address the many issues which cause so many residents to refuse to use it. #1 for me is that it causes motion disorder seizures. It is not possible to log in to 2.x for even 30 seconds to "change things which might help" because the entire screen image is vibrating so hard I have to head for the medication and a dark room for several hours. I know several other inworld content creators who are unable to stare at the 2.x jittery screen to create. Many of us have long history with other games, but are unable to handle the vibrating screen
  3. Amanda, the part of your message that reads "we are listening" has been written by various Lindens for the last four years I've been here. Listening is great, but action is better. The changing of our on-line profiles to more private is a good step in the right direction. You're also right about office hours. Little gets done between the anger and the lag. The last office hour I went to was crashed by a griefer and the Lindens didn't come back when the sim did, so we all sat there for 1/2 hour and talked anyway. All this is fine and great but it remains to be seen "how" this communication
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osua6lilUY8 That video on the Second Life channel contains vile language and insulting to creators and residents alike. I don't want to hear "Mother-bleeper" in a Second Life channel video. Nor do I (as a content creator, sculpty maker & someone who knows how to make meshes) wish to be told to "deal with it," as is flashed at the end of the video. I read film-maker Draxtor's comments about why he made these insults on Dusan Writer's blog. He claims he hurls them at people he calls whiners who refuse to learn new technology. Sorry Draxtor, you hurled in
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