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  1. "..It needs to have a lot more functionality added to make it anything other than a curiosity."


    I believe that is the intended use of this interface, to make people curious about SL.

    Running a comprehensive virtual world the depth and scope of SL, within a browser, has been a bane to Dev's for many years now. If this exercise manages to give a quick and easy test of SL w/o having to jump through hoops..by keeping it fast and lean..I'm all for it.

  2. I think this is the most potentially impactful development out of SF in all of my 7 years. The options are limitless. Better animation, video and sound just to name a few. I watched as a few 3rd Party Dev's attempted the daunting task of such an endeavor, with hope and support, only to see them ultimately buckle under the onslaught of challenges.

    If LL has partnered with this "GAIKAI" to bring this appliance to the market, then kudos to Kim and krewe! New eyes for old code I say. Make it so!

    It didn't run on my lappy nor iPad but it does run fabulous on my desktop in FF. 120+ framerates (on an admittedly expensive rig.)

    If you're going to aim for the moon, you better know where the sun is. You can always adjust your apogee.

    /me *holds his breath and waits*

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