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  1. Right, Im drooling at most of it. My chief concern with using Z-Brush for anything with a flat surface a box could replace is will it be minimal poly? When i used ZBrush it was sooooo many things and retypo cured all ills, but it was never ever low poly. Is the current system set for flat surface = 2 tris? *last used 3.5
  2. Hello Chesh! Lots of custom content creators are on the forums, I hope some have contacted you. To help you with your search, indicating your expected cost and rights will help you greatly. Custom sculptors range from 10L per sculpt to 10k Linden per hour, with a wide variety of skills in each bracket. As a general Idea, for a pocket watch you might be looking for seven sculpts: 1 Chain Link 1 Watch Casing (back) 1 Watch Lid 3 Watch Hands ( Hour, Second, Minute ) 1 Watch Face Which depending on the content creators proficiency might take 15 - 20 minutes each, for a total of two
  3. Well, my issue is that I'm not sure what the OP's "legitimate" business IS. I am a Sculpt and Mesh creator, and am certainly not above coordinating through an agency for clients. My issues are thus: The product samples are not inworld, and as a result the agency may be a functioning 3D agency looking to branch into second life but they have not proven they have clients in secondlife ( the reason one pays an agency ) I have an existing client base, and would like to expand that, and the OP's contract seems structured around preventing this effectively by "owning" the client/creator relationsh
  4. Best Cost Return: Blender Cost: Free Capabilities: Mesh, Sculpties Style: Organic and Inorganic Learning Curve: 7 Best Organic Sculptor: ZBrush Cost: 699 usd Capabilities: Mesh, Sculpties Style: Organic Learning Curve: 5 Best Inworld Sculptor: Sculpt Studio Cost: 5000 Linden Capabilities: Sculpts Style: Organic and Inorganic Learning Curve: 5 Best Inworld Mesh Tool: Mesh Studio Cost: 5000 Lindens Capabilities: Mesh Style: Inorganic Learning Curve: 2 Learning Curves are 1 = easy 10 = Impossible, ans everything is just the opinion of a crazy SL avatar. I can say,
  5. So I am confused, you coordinate between a sculpt creator and a customer and in exchange take 20% off the top, while contractually binding the sculptor not to build their client base?
  6. I think this is an excellent idea that addresses some of the conflicts I have with my own listings. All of my items are sculpted building kits, however they usually fall into a specific category fr the listings. This would let me pay for the best of both worlds.
  7. While I am sure a costom sculptor will give you a much better result, as an alternative what you are looking for could easily be accomplished with http://www.secondplopp.com/ provided you did not try and get each animal in a single sculpt.
  8. Thank you for those of you who replied I have rented or worked out an arrangement with everyone thus far. Areas with sales have had me expand and max rent I am still looking provided the above criteria is met.
  9. Minimum of 7 prims, rates between 10l to 50L per week. Strong scultping brand with proven sales revenue - If your location can pay for itself I amost always pay up to the max rental agreement. Please contact Kaine Lowenstark.
  10. I have to say, Kiska spoke volumes and overed exactly how I feel about price point, design, and worst of all, Teleport routing.
  11. Compaq CQ50 228CA I can run SL on ultra usually, always forget my draw distance at 512, and can run Second Life Shadows on it. Highly highly reccomend, I paid 399 for it over a year ago now.
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