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  1. TAVOR, the home of SL's finest vehicles with the release of our signature TAVOR RZ 2018 is now hiring CSRs to join our amazing team and benefit from the experience of a lifetime in SL Auto Sales! We are looking for a customer-oriented service representative. _________________________________________ Customer Service Representative [CSR] - __________________________________________ What does a Customer Service Representative do? A customer service representative, or CSR, will act as a liaison, provide product/services information and resolve any emerging problems t
  2. TAVOR is a vehicle and games manufacturing company in SL. We're having plans to expand and looking for people interested in joining our staff team on various positions. Open Positions: - Content Creators (Mesh/Texture/Scripts) - Product/Sales Manager Please contact Revochen Mayne or Dianna Aura in-world if you're interested and having at least 1 year experience in SL content creation.
  3. Try shortcut toggle for hover info text => Ctrl + Shift + T
  4. Half homestead region available for rent at Ninja Island. 32795sqm, 2500 prims for 3500L$ each week. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ninja%20Island/150/93/32 Please contact me for further informations!
  5. Half Homestead region available for rent, either commercial or residential usage. 3500L$/week, 2500 prims. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ninja%20Island/124/33/31 Please contact me for further details. Happy New Year!
  6. My favorite destination recently became the offroad challenge track near the Tavor main store. It's a decent offroad track challanging any offroad fan! Come and have a ride or join your offroad team for the first Tavor Offroad Challenge 2016 at November, 26th. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Azure%20Skies/98/149/23 For more information visit our website at http://tavor-tec.com 
  7. Hi Steph! The start_param of the on_rez event is the value passed by the llRezObject or llRezAtRoot function. Its not reliable to check if the object already exist in-world either by function or manual rez. If an object gets rezzed manually, start_param will return 0, no matter if its the first or second object in-world.
  8. Hello Sadie! The SL scripting wiki sais about the llSetPayPrice function for one of its caveats: "This function only works when called from the root prim of an object. Its effect applies to all the prims in the object. Calling it from a child prim has no effect." http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetPayPrice You might need to think about a different design for your DJ board to make it work proper. Not sure if it's the reason for the script error though.
  9. Another thing you might want to change are some of the "if" statements. When the script has to check the same variable on different conditions, it's better to use "else if" on any but the first one. Otherwise the script will check any following statement on a previous passed one. You can also combine conditions by using the && (logical AND) operator and make your code more readable. Anyway it can be confusing if there are various condition checks for different variables or parameters like in your script and it also needs a return case after the very first "if". Espacially as the HP va
  10. I didn't used pathfinding in SL much yet but it doesn't really souds like a limitation. It's also a rather simple to use feature without much available settings afak but i rather believe that something might be set up wrong on the characters radius, speed, turn speed or some kind of bug when baking the mesh.
  11. There are a few restrictions on HUDs in SL: 1) Particles doesn't work on HUDs. Thats can be hard, because particles can be used to make pretty effects like smoke, dust, fire and similar stuff. 2) Transparent textures might disappear if you have multiple of them overlapping on the HUD. 3) The HUD is linked as a single object. Makes it difficult to move, rotate or scale game objects made by multiple prims. There was a prim limit on HUDs (256 prims) but i'm not sure if it still applies.
  12. Hi Elic! You can change the CAMERA_FOCUS vector to keep your ship in camera focus. If you need a smooth translation, you need to use a for loop or timer to update CAMERA_POSITION until it reached your desired position. There is a free and pretty good example of various camera settings at the LSL wiki. The spin_cam function might be the one of interest for you: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/FollowCam
  13. Like any of the existing llGet* functions, llGetColor and llGetTexture only returns the color and texture of the prim which is containing the script. Unfortunately there is no function to get prim parameters of an external object.
  14. Hello Korbie! It looks like how your timer event is set up is the reason why it's not working. The llSetTimerEvent function is using an interval of 0.4 seconds but it's way to short to complete the sound. As soon a sound gets played, it then will stop right after the next 0.4s interval. To make it work, the script has to set a longer interval when playing the sound and reset it when finished. And indeed, using the Insert Code feature at the editor helps us a lot reading script code.
  15. And another workaround for this bug: Put a solid prim with a blank texture on it between the conflicting transparent textures. Just show this solid prim for a very short moment after applying the button textures and hide it again then.
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