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  1. Yeah, given the benchmark comparisons the GTX 950M isn't even in the same ballpark. Which may explain the slow frame rates in certain areas, especially if those areas are full of content and/or avatars. As Lillith pointed out there's a world of difference between your average game level and the contents of the average SL sim, and if you don't have the jellydoll feature enabled then a few "well-dressed" avatars can bring your viewer to a grinding halt, even on a more capable system.
  2. I guess the main benefit would be simulating smooth movement without running into problems in laggy areas, using bento animations would probably be better for producing flapping motions where the wing speed increases and decreases gradually like this... as well as for those random flex and flutter type motions which can add a little variety and life to wing animations.
  3. That's because the attachment point for the wing is located near the end of the wing (on the mWing4 bones) whereas the pivot point you need for the wing is closer to mWing1 (on the back/shoulder blades). As long as your wing animation only rotates the mWing1 bones (which should be okay for insect type wings since they don't have multiple bones so a simple flapping motion using the mWing1 bone would be all that's required) then you should be able to align your wing objects along the wing bones so that they lay along a straight line between the attachment point and the origin for the mWing1 bones. The problem is the origin of the mWing1 bones are still "floating" outside the avatar mesh rather than aligned with the surface of the back... ...so you'll probably need to use a rigged mesh attachment with joint offsets to fix that, otherwise your wings will pivot in the wrong place when the flapping animation is playing. You'll definitely need wing animations that only rotate the mWing1 bone though, any movement on the other mWing bones is going to make your attachments fly around in all sorts of crazy directions!
  4. Yes, sorry I probably should have mentioned that you need to use the exact color values as the script ignores any members of the linkset which aren't tinted the correct colors.
  5. Well, it's not automatic but you can do it with a simple script like so... default { state_entry() { integer i; vector color; list head = []; list torso = []; list lower = []; for (i=1; i<=llGetNumberOfPrims(); i++) { color = llList2Vector(llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(i,[PRIM_COLOR,0]),0); if (color == <1,0,0>) head = head + [i]; else if (color == <0,1,0>) torso = torso + [i]; else if (color == <0,0,1>) lower = lower + [i]; } llOwnerSay("\nlist head = ["+llList2CSV(head)+"];\nlist torso = ["+llList2CSV(torso)+"];\nlist lower = ["+llList2CSV(lower)+"];"); } } ... just tint the different sections red, green and blue and then drop the above script in and it will output the lists of link numbers for each section complete with formatting so you can just copy and paste, replacing the first three lines of the other script.
  6. Could be you somehow managed to rotate it so you're looking at it from the back or side? Have you tried turning on show transparent (CTRL+ALT+T)? If you can't find it then you can always just unpack another copy and wear that.
  7. Right click one of your other HUDs and edit it, then use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out until you can see your Maitreya HUD, then you can select it and move it back to the correct position on screen.
  8. Unfortunately that's not going to work if they want to apply different textures to different parts of the linkset since we can't use lists of integers to specify link numbers in llSetLink commands (which is a real shame). Personally I'd suggest using a for loop with llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast() and a list of link numbers for each part of the object (head, torso and lower), it may take marginally longer to set the texture for all the children of a linkset but it's still preferable to having 90+ running scripts with listens. You can pass all three textures in a single message as a comma separated value and apply each texture to different parts of the linkset. list head = []; // link numbers for head list torso = []; // link numbers for torso list lower = []; // link numbers for lower setTexture(list link_numbers, key texture) { integer i; for (i=0; i < llGetListLength(link_numbers); i++) llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(llList2Integer(link_numbers,i), [PRIM_TEXTURE, ALL_SIDES, texture, <1,1,0>, <0,0,0>, 0.0]); } default { state_entry() { llListen (-xxxxxx,"","",""); } listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string msg) { if (llGetOwnerKey(id) == llGetOwner()){ list textures = llCSV2List(msg); setTexture(head,llList2Key(textures,0)); setTexture(torso,llList2Key(textures,1)); setTexture(lower,llList2Key(textures,2)); } } } Of course you'd need to fill in all the link numbers for each list at the start of the script, but a simple way to do that would be to rez the object, tint each of the sections a separate color then drop in a script which will check the color of each object in the linkset and compile the link numbers into 3 lists based on those colors and spit those lists out into chat. Then you can copy and paste those into the start of the script above.
  9. Rather than having a script in every prim in your linkset try using a single script in the root with llSetLinkTexture(LINK_SET, msg, ALL_SIDES);
  10. Looks like your objects alpha mode settings are swapping from "blending"/masking to "None" (or possibly masking with a value of 0). I've no idea what causes it but according to this thread Have your Alpha Modes changed to "None"? you aren't the only one to encounter this issue.
  11. Unfortunately I think you may need to provide a little more information than this, perhaps a screenshot of the problem in the upload window, or at least a specific error message? As far as joining meshes together and rigging them as a single object that's fine and shouldn't be causing you any problems. I don't use blender myself so wouldn't be able to help much on any blender/avastar related issues, but there are plenty of people here that do so I'm sure one of them will be able to assist you.
  12. Where did I say I wanted to get rid of user created content, I'm advocating tighter restrictions on what people can upload to SL and/or stricter limitations about how much of it they can display in a single place? Please don't try and put words into my mouth just to win an imaginary argument, as I've said I was responding to the OP explaining why LL can't simply because SL isn't simply a game like WoW and has a mass of un-optimized user created content on display. I really don't see why you're so intent on twisting what I said into me complaining about SL having user created content?
  13. Thanks, never tried it but I doubt it, SL was the first virtual world I tried and after being here for nearly 13 years I'm quite invested.
  14. Again we're talking about user created content, my point still stands that the reason LL can't improve the performance and graphics of SL is exactly that, user created content.
  15. Yes exactly, if i were to try and put the typical SL content into one of those engines then it would lag horribly, because typical SL content is usually pretty poorly optimized if at all, which is why I said in my previous post that LL have been far too lenient when it comes to imposing restrictions on uploaded content in SL and its respective land impact calculations, etc. In the end there's no difference between the rendering engine of any game and that of SL in that it basically draws a 2D representation of a 3D scene, the only difference is that if LL were to try and add all the bells and whistles to the SL rendering engine then it would die horribly because SL is full of horribly laggy content and uneducated and/or irresponsible creators and builders. That and those same people would then abuse the new features in the exact same way that they've abused every other new feature that's been implemented.
  16. I'm talking about technical standards of engines capable of displaying virtual worlds, such as unreal engine, unity, and any of the new VR platforms.
  17. Assuming you're using an M3/Venus head you should be able to change the eye shape via the HUD which came with the head (just find the HUD object in the same folder, wear it, and then find the button for eye shape). As far as learning how to use the inventory window I'd recommend doing a search on google or youtube, there seems to be a large number of tutorial videos available.
  18. Oh and as for financial institutions you're about a decade late to that party Virtual Stock Exchange Opens in Second Life
  19. I think LL are doing a reasonable job in this respect, but comparing SL to WoW (or any other game) would be a huge mistake. Blizzard have complete control over the content in WoW, whereas LL have virtually no control over the content in SL, and imo have been far too generous with their limitations when it comes to polycounts and texture usage. Between their insistence on not breaking old content, no matter how inefficient and lag inducing it may be, and the number of users still trying to run SL on older hardware (because "SL isn't a game!" but apparently it should still be playable on the same PC they were using when they signed up a decade ago) I think LL are probably quite limited in what they can do to improve performance. Personally I think SL really does need to evolve, they have some pretty neat new features coming in but it's still a long way behind current standards, however I have no idea how LL could go about improving things without removing older content/imposing tougher limitations on the creation of new content and possibly buying everyone who hasn't enabled advanced lighting yet a new PC/laptop.
  20. Try using --set FullScreen False (if you click the link in the description for the --set command on the viewer parameters wiki page it takes you to a list of debug settings, there are a few others relating to fullscreen and windowed mode so if that doesn't solve your problem you may want to browse through it and see if you can find anything else that may help fix it). Edit: Just noticed from your last post that you say you already tried --Set FullScreen False. Was that using the default SL viewer? If so then your problem may be related to something else, since I just tested the command and it works fine. It looks like the default resolution for the viewer in fullscreen mode is 1024x768, and there doesnt seem to be a way to manually set the resolution, but you can tell it to autodetect the aspect ratio using FullScreenAutoDetectAspectRatio or try setting it manually using FullScreenAspectRatio although the wiki isn't entirely clear on what the values for that are meant to be, according to the viewer Debug Settings window it's "Aspect ratio of fullscreen display (width/height)" but the default value is 3.0 whereas a 1024x768 aspect ratio would be 1.3 (and 1.7 for a widescreen tv). Since the default value for FullScreen in the viewer is already set to false it seems odd that yours would be defaulting to fullscreen.
  21. If you're new to 3D modeling and are looking for a (relatively) simple way to get started then, assuming you own a graphics tablet, you may want to try a 30 day demo of 3D Coat. Since it's a 3D Sculpting app as opposed to traditional 3D Modeling software it has a more artistic/less technical workflow, and shares some similarities with Photoshop (especially when it comes to the texturing tools which use pretty much the same system of layers & blending modes, etc) so the workflow should feel relatively familiar to you. As has already been pointed out learning any 3D app will take time, however 3D sculpting apps tend to take some of the initial edge off since it's fairly easy to jump in and at least start making some interesting shapes and models without having too much background knowledge or technical expertise, and the official 3D Coat youtube channel is pretty comprehensive (they have nearly 400 videos currently listed and they're constantly adding new tutorials/updating older ones to account for new features) so there's plenty of up to date information available.
  22. The reason that the physics mesh you're trying to upload is protruding out of the front of the building (and quite possibly the reason it isn't aligning vertically as well) is that you seem to have neglected to include a physics mesh for the front steps. When uploading mesh to SL the uploader will automatically resize your physics model to match the dimensions of the mesh you're uploading.
  23. On the subject of region crossings and regions being kept active because of someone in a neighboring region I guess LL could opt to make these on-demand sims standalone only. Looking at the number of single non-connected sims on the map it does seem that there's quite a demand for regions that don't have neighbors. While the whole idea of on-demand sims is intriguing, I'm a little wary of the inevitable drama that would ensue when people realize that you can grief someone simply by AFKing on their sim and running up their monthly tier fees, and of course the resulting tide of crazy land owners accusing people of "financial griefing" simply for standing around in one place too long on an otherwise empty sim.
  24. Sim instancing would definitely be a neat idea, although would make the new premium-only avatar capacity on full sims a little redundant, but it doesn't really fit with their enigmatic mention of "new products with more flexible pricing" (unless they're somehow planning on charging sim owners more for instancing capabilities, and I really hope that's not the case). As for people using bots or leaving their avatars logged in to keep an on-demand sim running continuously I guess there are some people that would want to do that (if they were, for example, running a breedable pet "farm" or something else that required scripts to run continuously) but I'm not sure what percentage of prospective land owners that would be or how much of an impact it would make to running sims on a cloud in general, I guess that's something that LLs marketing department will need to work out when pricing these hypothetical on-demand sims. Perhaps LL are considering keeping track of up-time for each sim and charging based on that rather than a flat fee?
  25. Pretty sure the only mention of "a few days" in that announcement was the part about the grid-wide gaming experience... Granted there doesn't seem to have been any further news on that yet, but I definitely wouldn't expect to see most of the other stuff mentioned in that announcement for a few months at least.
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