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  1. Much as I hate to disagree with the wiki, in this case it's a little misleading. If you change the value of sizex and sizey to 0 in your llSetTextureAnim command, you'll find that you can then change the repeats on the texture to whatever you want, like so... default { state_entry() { llSetTextureAnim(ANIM_ON | SMOOTH | LOOP, ALL_SIDES,0,0,0,0,1.0); } }
  2. Only by default. You can increase the length of the string the script will accept for HTTP body using HTTP_BODY_MAXLENGTH (although not by much but every little helps I guess).
  3. While I agree that the new scripting commands related to animesh are quite limited and merely bring the same functionality to animesh as is already available for avatars, from a broader perspective animesh will most likely do much to improve the quality of (and therefore the demand for) things like NPCs and virtual pets, which could potentially also increase the demand for scripted A.I. and other applications related to the interactivity and control of animesh content. There was also some mention of introducing new animation related LSL functions during the development of animesh which, i
  4. Okay, so you're just posting stuff for the sake of it and have no actual point to make or anything pertinent to add to the conversation? Thanks for the clarification, saves me from wasting time reading your posts in the future I guess.
  5. I see. So when you said you weren't suggesting that their attempt to improve on an existing platform by combining it with new technology was a waste of time? What were you implying then?
  6. Your point completely ignored the distinction between 3D environments displayed in 2D and 3D environments displayed in virtual reality. Taking existing concepts and applying new technology to them is how progress is made. Not every step in the right direction leads somewhere, but suggesting that because someone already had an idea and implemented it nobody should attempt to adapt or improve upon it is like saying we don't need mobile phones or tablets that are capable of playing video files because someone already invented these...
  7. Active Worlds was VR compatible? That's pretty impressive for something launched 23 years ago!
  8. I think the problem with "reverse racism" is mostly a matter of perception. As in what an individual or group perceives as preference, which very much depends on their own understanding and level of awareness of other peoples situations as well as their general empathy towards others. What may initially appear as preferential treatment to someone who isn't in possession of all the facts could in all likelihood be the redressing of an imbalance of which the observer is simply unaware. As with most problems in life the answer lies in education and the sharing of ideas and experiences (i.e. ta
  9. I'm not a Blender user so I can't really offer much guidance on the workflow required when exporting rigged mesh from Blender to SL or what may be going wrong in your case, but as for this particular issue it's worth bearing in mind that the maximum number of bones a mesh can be rigged to is 110 while the total number of bones in the SL bento rig is 159, so you will need to remove unused bones before trying to export and upload your .DAE file.
  10. Re-uploading an entire mesh just to replace a texture is a very weird workflow to say the least. With the introduction of local textures a much more sensible workflow is to upload the mesh with no textures, apply local textures directly from your hard drive, edit the textures as necessary and once you're happy with the finished result, upload the texture to SL and apply it, replacing the local texture version. That way the only texture uploads you pay for are the textures you end up using in the finished product.
  11. To make the glow on each face blink on and off with the light you need to add an extra line to your llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast commands that turns off the glow for the opposite face... if(x) { llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(llGetLinkNumber(), [PRIM_GLOW, 2, 1, PRIM_POINT_LIGHT, TRUE, COLOR_RED // START COLOR , 1.0 // START INTENSITY , 10.0 // START RADIUS , 0.2 // START FALLOFF , PRIM_GLOW, 4, 0 // Turn off GLOW on opposite face ]); } else {
  12. LL just need to hurry up and introduce voxel terrain and in-world voxel building tools. That way we can finally move on from all the tired old mesh vs prim arguments and start listening to people complain about something new!
  13. If that were the case then there would be no need for the countless tutorials and endless forum posts on the subjects of optimizing mesh for SL and making efficient LOD models. If your understanding of the process of creating mesh content for SL is limited to a notion as simplistic as this it calls into question the validity of any arguments you may make on the subject.
  14. I think you may be confusing vertex normals with normal maps. Vertex normals are visible regardless of ALM settings.
  15. Rather than using streaming media (also known as Media On A Prim or MOAP for short) you could try using a "sprite sheet" and the llSetTextureAnim command.
  16. Careful what you wish for, if it weren't for those ambient only custom windlight settings a lot of people would probably still be using facelights!
  17. Here's a couple of old prim builds from yesteryear that are among my favourites. This is a random build (189 prims) that sprang out of me experimenting with prims one lazy sunday afternoon. I think the thing I loved most about this one was the way the moon in the center would "burst into flames" each time the SL sun came up and the particle system triggered. My other favourite is the willow tree (188 prims) which was made during the first week that flexiprims were introduced to the main grid. The entire thing is made from cylinders and torii wit
  18. Back in 2004 when I first signed up the impression I got when reading various sites was that SL was a sort of unpolished, creative, chaotic attempt at a virtual world/community, and that's pretty much exactly what I found when I logged in for the first time. The information that I'd found led me to the conclusion that SL was a place where curiosity and a desire to learn and experiment were beneficial, and having an imagination and interest in creativity would provide a constant source of entertainment and fun (i.e. a mindset that was ideal for starting out in SL, navigating the UI, learning t
  19. @imacrabpinch As Optimo points out above, using the Lattice Deformer tool is probably the easiest way to refit your meshes to different bodies. One of the benefits of the Lattice Deformer (in Maya at least) is that you can detach and reattach different lattices to your model. So once you create a set of lattice deformers that adjust the overall shape of a model to fit the bodies you're working with you can export them and then reload and apply them to other models. In the majority of cases you'll still need to make additional adjustments afterwards since each model will have diffe
  20. Pretty sure it's an issue with the python code, or more likely the steps being taking before running said code (possibly selecting the wrong objects or wrong number of objects), rather than with the model itself.
  21. No it's not.... No, it's REALLY not! (unless you're trying to suggest that auto-retopology is new but we've had time travel technology since 2011, which was when the above video was posted)!?
  22. Well I guess we could try modelling a strand of DNA from a GMO product and upload it to SL then wait for the DMCAs to start rolling in? Seriously though, as far as the natural world around us goes there really is no intellectual property rights to worry about which is one of the things I like most about doing environment/prop design, it really saves a lot of time when it comes to tracking down the original creator of concept art, etc to ask permission before recreating things in 3D.
  23. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure they haven't extended copyright laws to DNA.... yet!
  24. I can quite believe it. I try very hard not to judge others based on their political leanings or beliefs but solely on the way in which they treat others , and in the case of what's going on in America right now I can only sympathize with anyone caught in the middle and hope that one day soon people will come to their senses and realize they have far more in common than what separates them, it saddens me deeply to see any group of people so divided!
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