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  1. I placed the item in the magic box, and it's still now showing up in my store. I have used the magic box in the past.
  2. I thought magic box was defunct. Thanks for letting me know otherwise!
  3. I have a lot of items in my invenory I'd like to sell. These are items that I purchased from the original content creators and ARE TRANSFER However, when I try to move the items to the merchant outbox i get the message "You cannot move one or more of the items to the merchant outbox" Any help appreciated. Thank you.
  4. I'd never buy through the viewer only through the website.
  5. Tank, Redzone never defended against anything. And I say this is a former redzone user who stopped using the product almost immediately after I recognized its nefarious implications. What exactly was redzone protecting you from? Redzone was a great snoop/spy tool for people who got kicks from that sort of behavior, but it was a poor defense mechanism against copybotters. I'm curious what type of business in SL you run to proclaim that you are now defenseless. MilosZ
  6. Hello, Rod: Welcome to your new job. Before you get too comfortable I ask only two things. Please remember that many of us "veterans," have been residents of Second Life before you even knew it existed, and that without us adult veterans, who financed and built this world, it probably would have collapsed long ago; hence, you'd have no sweet new job. The second thing i ask is you re-evaluate Linden decission to allow children in Second Life. thank you.
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