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  1. We found a nice gentleman, but he is looking also for a gf. So whether you are dom or sub, dear girls, please contact me. We can offer a paradise island with beach and nice people!
  2. We have been around for over 10 years, many years in Gor, not anymore. My Master Al is looking for somebody who could assist him in educating me. You could live with us and enjoy life with us. Of course there would be a period where we have to find out whether we like each other. Interested? Contact me!
  3. I have a shaved head and my bf would like to have me wear some words on the skin of my head. Is there any tool which I could use to customize my head skin, maybe something with tattoos? Many thanks, Violet
  4. Latest news: it seems to work. All URLs I tried before were probably out of order.
  5. Thanks for helping, but I tried several URLs. My partner also hears no music anymore. When I press the start-button on the upper nright corner, it goes back to stop after 1-2 seconds.
  6. I have been in SL for 10 years now, having done a lot of things, owned sims, rented out, etc. But a couple of weeks ago, I think it was around the latest viewer update, I cannot hear music on my land. I hear music on other places, no problem, but my land does not play anymore. Checked all settings, get crazy. Any idea? Many thanks in advance, Violet
  7. I wrote a script years ago which measures a sim and gives out the coordinates in 512 chat lines. It seems that since recently the chat lines cap somewhere at 250. Is there a new limit on chat lines? Mayn thanks for any hint!
  8. Thank you for all hints! I finally got the land for L$1, it was actually abandoned.
  9. It says "the name is unavailable", but there is no profile coming up. Is this the error message you mentioned? Many thanks!
  10. I asked that question already some time ago. I have half a sim as a neighbour and it is deserted. They do not answer any IMs. I would like to buy it and I would take "no" as an answer. But it seems that the land is abandoned and the Lindens take no step whatsoever to help me. How can I get an answer? It is the Dearham Annex in the sim of Dearham.
  11. I bought half a ML sim in Dearham. Now it seems that the other half is deserted. I contacted all the owning group members, no reply (Lovelymachine Productions). I would like to buy that half sim offering the same price I just paid for my half. I do not want to have a desert next to my homes. What can I do?
  12. Nobody really could answer that question so far, maybe some of you can help. If I open a club, not commercial, no fees: can I stream cds there without violating any laws? How do all the DJs play music in the clubs, illegally? Many thanks, Violet
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