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  1. I am sure you could find a frog avatar, as it is hard to copyright a green frog, but at the slightest hint that it was a "Kermit" avatar and Disney would be all over you like white on rice.
  2. There are many things that anyone making them would look very similar. If you made a realistic shark it would look a lot like any one else's shark. I saw someone else's space frame support and noticed that a real one would break built the way it was built. I built another to show someone the difference and put it in the market just because I had it, not expecting it to sell, but have sold a lot of them. The same is true of a wide variety of common items.
  3. Does anyone know of ways to sell raw files that they can be advertized and securely delivered to the person who can use them? Is there any interest in this capability?
  4. You would not go out and buy a Gucci purse and take the Gucci name off to replace with your own. If you have a sculpy designed and made by someone else that you want to rearrange and sell as your own, it is not at all cool to treat the work that is not yours as if it was. As noted you may have a parent prim that you rezzed and included someone else's work in a montage of your work, but even where you have the ability to remove their name I would not regard it a good thing to do so as it reflects badly on you and is an insult to them.
  5. Another problem with signboard (asterisk) objects, particularly in SL is that your videocard can get confused as to which Texture is to be seen beyond the other texture. Some video cards are better at this than others. When looking through two or more textures with Alpha (invisible parts) it can create some bizarre effects. Good to avoid where you can, sometimes (especially with plants and bushes) it cannot be avoided, and must be endured.
  6. ~~But I do have others that are aweful.~~ That is why I work in Blender where you can control a lot of that, but with only 1028 faces to work with sometimes it cannot be helped.
  7. I have done other programming but am a novice scripter in SL. However it would seem to me that either SL or some creative person could run the UUID of any item and see how many other cases of the UUID exist and report it back to the user. I have occasionally found that a texture with one name actually thinks it is a texture of a different name because it was copied and renamed, (but still has the old UUID) so an unknown number of that sort of thing exists. If that became a standard thing in SL the total volume of folks inventory would drop significantly.
  8. It was in reply to Hibit as the note says. If you go to almost any building where the public uses the stairs you will find them to be the 34 degree standard. Older buildings and private houses are sometimes different; but when they are, the stairs are noticeably uncomfortable to climb or go down. Btw - I notice you said they might be going over other sculpies. Not all sculpie stairs are made to use as mine are and if not phantom that could be the source of the exclusion zone you are seeing. Keep in mind also that the exclusion zone is a rounded edge box around the sculpy when it was made.
  9. Having done a lot of RL architecture the angle for "legal" stairs is near as possible to 34 degrees or between 6-7 inches of rise per 11 inches of run with the 11 inches being pretty fixed. In SL this would be very shallow stairs and 45 or even 60 degrees is not uncommon. If you built a house that was very good in RL, in SL it would feel very small and cramped to the point of being barely useable. The way geometry feels in SL and RL are very different, and that difference needs consideration when doing any building.
  10. I have a huge collection of data of actual places and have developed sufficient control to establish specific depths of water or heights of hills. From the very famous like Devils Tower in Wyoming to others that are not famous but have interesting or desirable traits, to invented flat ground with surrounding hills, to special geometry for mazes and other gaming.
  11. Are you building Sculpy stairs or Prim stairs? Sculpys that are not phantom will have an exclusion zone that an avatar cannot pass through. I have 16 step sculpy stairs (in the marketplace) that are built so that the excllusion zone is at the same angle as the stairs and therefore can be used without being phantom. It may be that another smaller angle would allow you to go only part way, while stairs at a 45% angle could not be used at all except as Phantom with an invisible "helper" prim that is actually walked on. .
  12. The way the sculp is built can have a big effect on how it is seen at a distance. Some are complex enough that it cannot be helped, and those made with inworld tools can be generally more problematic than those made with Blender or other high end Program. In every case all sculpts will step through several levels of detail as set by your viewer at given size/distance. Depending on how the sculp was built, that could be an only slightly changed shape, or it could look like a pile of sticks.
  13. You could have a Sculpy hill but it would have to be phantom or you could not go to he basement. Otherwise you would have to have terraces or other arrangement of standard prims. It could also be done as a mesh but that might be higher in prim count and problems with visibility issues. I could build this but would need to know the shape of your basement and house arrangement. If you cannot terraform then there is not a terraform solution.
  14. As I am building my Marketplace store I am seeing that much of the data is much less useful that it could or should be. If I posted a product two years ago it would have a lot more views than if it was posted two months ago. Likewise there seem to be fads that an item would be hot at one point in time and not later. It would be very interesting and more useful if there was at least another field for how much each item was viewed in the past month, and there was an available way to sort on any of the fields that is not available now.
  15. I got a note that a sculpy wall was not as advertized. I took the picture with the wall and the towers that went with it, but noted in the description that it was for the wall only. I presume thatwas what was said but have no actual idea what the complaint was. Have no idea what to do about it.
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