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  1. Aye, having login issues after clearing my viewer, you can imagine the panic.
  2. So i'm getting married and i want to create this item dispenser for my wedding inviter where you click on a object and then get to choose a color and then that item with that color is sent to the person that clicked on it.
  3. And with the phone and chat support closed as usual i wonder how long this is gonna take before someone reads this.
  4. Not just you i just wiped all my viewers thinking it was me, should have read this before.
  5. Everyone knows that the gimmick they call the rift or VR will never be enough to make us drop years of investment into our avatars, it will have to be something big like actual working avatar physics or the like. Designers will go where their customers are so unless you're doing big improvements i say good luck getting people into your new and more expensive Second Life.
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