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    Black water

    It has to do with your graphics card and it's ability to handle all that rendering of textures. If I have World of Warcraft and Photoshop open then launch SL, some of my stuff renders as black.sometimes it will eventuallly correct itself.
  2. The OP had their questioned answered hours ago like in the first couple of replies, yet she continued to ridicule, bait and otherwise be nasty. She also dismissed the proposed solutions for one reason or another (I don't know how to find a fax machine). Clearly her parents are NOT aware of the situation so that is why many of us suggested she tell them and have them sort it out. Sorry, I tend to go into parent mode when a CHILD does something inappropriate. My final point is, I am pretty sure that Linden Lab does not do an IP ban for a single age verification offense. In fact, on mo
  3. Yeah, well I didn't lie about my age and get my whole household banned from SL, so who is the dumb one? Spelling is spelling, doesn;t mean I am dumb. Intelligence is not measured by how well you spell. Some people on these forums have english as their second or even third language, get over yourself. Correcting people and calling them dumb does absolutely nothing to endear us to you. To me you sound like a spoiled little brat. There is such a thing as respecting your elders or don't they teach that in the UK? Well apparently they don't have fax machines, so maybe not?
  4. LOL wow, did I hit a raw nerve? If you would get your head out of your bum you will see that I also answered your question as well as many people here. And no, you didn't "mess up". You seriously need to get that what you did was not like breaking a vase. Your little lie could have caused some very serious problems for people who do not even know you or have any responsibility for you. The thought of a 14 year old in the adult grid scares the hell out of me. There are things that make me cringe and blush that happen in the Adult grid. Exposing a teen to such things out of context could
  5. She can read the FAQ. She is here not for help in solving the problem, she is here to try and solve it without telling her parents. You make it sound like she broke a vase or something. Real Life people can go to Real Life prison over interacting with a minor in the Adult grid. And at least in the US, you are Real Life branded as a sex offender for the rest of your Real Life. Yep, get your name on a shiny website and everywhere you move to you have to register so they can, in turn, let the public know. And even though people have tried to tell her what needs to be done, she gets sn
  6. First let me say that if you were my child, I would ground you from unsupervised internet use for a very long time! Second, you don't sound remorseful to me. You lied about your age, lying is bad. You admit you know that. The thing is, you don't even seem to comprehend, let alone be remorseful for, the danger you put everyone in the SL Adult Grid that came in contact with you in. It's as if you walked into a stripper bar and said, yeah but I only wanted to use the loo. Sorry, life doesn't work that way and at least in the US, laws don't work that way. You have been provided with t
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