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  1. On further thought I think I may have mistunderstood you when you said Seperate, I think rather you might have meant Spread. Seperate to mean means to take apart, as in not connected, which would create more seams, thus my reply., Whereas spread means to move points out. The legs may need expanding but I really do need testors, at least 2, but I prefer 10 to see if It really does need spreading out. I am now testing it with a test grid map with smaller squares to better judge it. It may be that I modify them before the first test by others begins.
  2. At this point I want people to actually test how easy it is to texture so that any problems can be identified and adressed. I know my own abilities and I know this layout works fairly well, what I need is other's input on how it works for them. Usually a quad figure like this would have its UV laid out like a rug but because of SL limitations and because the map is supposed to work with material zomes, it is laid out like I have it. The one shown is slightly out of date, there is sosme difference in the chest area and I am working on the are between the back legs to make matching the seam easier. The problem with seperating out the part further is more seams to deal with. The Test pattern shown in the preview also does not have to line perfectly though getting close is nice. The main issie will be seams of the legs and the seams in the underbody between the legs. The leg seams would still be an issue with the rug method if used. I'll also be doing some test textures for it myself though I have the advantage of having the model available for fine tweaking.
  3. I'm working on finalizing The UV map for a Mesh Horse Avatar I am working on and I need feedback on how easy it is to texture. Those willing to test can be all levels of experience in texturing, but must have at least some. Preview: Andalusian UV click to open in new window. Preview: Andalusian UV click to open in new window. <posted updated preview> Old Preview of mesh: Andalusian Horse Mesh click to open in new window. You can contact me here or inworld by note on the avatar SilverArrow Farstrider. Thank you for looking, Peace and Carrots, Kilynn
  4. Chocobo - Ridable mount - From Final Fantasy games.... all of them that I am aware of. It's a very trademarked mount/character/breed. Skyrim Helms - these are the the helms you can get in the game straight out no mods. Anyone who has Seen a Skyrim ad even should regonise the downswept horns on the helm one. This is why I called those particular ones Blantant. Anyone worth their salt as a gamer, even a casual gamer would recognise those. There are plenty of other examle sI could point on in both of those accounts that are just as well known. I am mearly hopeful that LL would even try to hire capable people who would know their stuff or be ewilling to do research. Reporting does not always work. The only company that I can rely on to look into reports is a company I worked for at one time. I have no ide if th ecompanies I have contacted do anything at all or that even if such action is taken on a few items if the store is allowed to continue anyways. Anytime i have checked, those items were still there. My partner says the only way LL is going to take action is if a bunch of crears Sue LL together. What makes me sick is there seems to be no repercussions, these run rampant, anytime I go into the marketplace I have to weed thorugh them FP or not and I am sure those who know they run ther risk of buying copyrighted items and knowing that if the items are DMCA-ed at some point, those items they bought go bye-bye. That is a form of ripping off consumers, not only of ripping off original ownership. Not even turbo squid has as bad a problem as SL does with ripped/copyrighted material. You can genuinly report to them with proof. As a creator, as a vender, as a honest person, I cannot but help but be upset by it. trust me i am just as upset by any content that is copied/tweaked/used that does not have the original creators permission. I try not to be disheartened by it and I call it what it is. Even selling CC items without crediting the author is dishonest. But none I could identify where under those terms, most were being sold without permission. Even if one is not CC, it taints the whole. If you don't stand for anything you will fall for anything. I call it out, I hope something can be done. I can but hope Ll will one day. I do not want to just stand idily by and ignore it. You can if you want, your choice. I can be upset by it if I want to be.
  5. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Chick-Family-Pack-Mesh-Full-Perm/5726903Chocobo and much more, all seemingly uploaded within a short period https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/BGC-Helmet-Collection/5502523 skyrim helmets and much more, alluploaded frequently and this store has been goin on for quite some time. I am seeing a lot of the same animal uploads from these 2 in the recent Full-Perm listing s and its starting to make me physically ill. Its becomming wher I cant even stand to go on themarketplace because I see so much ripped and copyrighted content. You would think there would be at least one person at LL that would look at new marketplace listings making sure the rules are being followed. It would best to have a team doing it that was familiar with games and what to look for. Failing that a way to report them as at the momenrt only the copyright holder can and we all know none of these companies have SL on their radar. It getting fairly rediculouse the amount of copyrighted content on the marketplace FP and resold by those who bought them either knowingly or not. It is almost if we'd do a better job running the marketplace than LL.
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