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  1. hello, I have the same problem with Radegast since tuesday on a low spec pc (32 bits / win 7) but Radegast is still working on my main computer (64bits / win10) what I get in Radegast.log is : Failed fetching updated information: System.Net.WebException: Unable to create secure SSL / TLS channel
  2. Hi, I had the same problem and fixed it with loading the test avatar. If you don't have develop menu, press Ctrl+Alt+Q to show it (will add a new menu on top of the viewer : Develop There you can find Avatar -> Character tests -> Test Female (or male either will work) This will load the default base avatar and once it will be loaded, you should be able to change your appearance again. Hope this helps, Uggo
  3. and for the bug "of getting parcel full returns of vehicles ...when the parcel is not actually full also." I filled a jira a few weeks ago that describes the problem and the way for reproducing https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-4118 but you closed it as duplicate. None of the parcels I was entering or leaving were full but there was a parcel full in the opposite side of the region I was leaving. I just tried to reproduce again and it's still happening (Second Life Server Message from Second Life: Your object 'YachtLine 420' has been returned to your inventory Lost and Found folder by you from parcel 'Vik Marina - Second Norway' at Vik 85, 1 because the parcel is full. while I was attempting to leave Vik region at 85, 255. I've left the parcel for testing. Rez a boat or any vehicle and try crossing from Vik to Vikhavet through the danger sign here : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vik/86/242/21 Uggo
  4. Hi MAestro, There is another problem that is not "PArcel full" but "Region full". Happens regulary for several weeks ago and a restart fixes the problem. Can't fill a Jira because I don't know how to reproduce it but I can tell a few place where it has happened beucase I openned several support cases to have Blake Sea regions restarted for that problem : Sept. 28, 2013, 6:45 a.m. : https://support.secondlife.com/case-details/01771896/ Oct. 25, 2013, 7:38 a.m. : https://support.secondlife.com/case-details/01789151/ When it happens, vehicles (mesh or not) are not returned but can not enter the region and trying to create or rez a prim gives an error "Unable to create new object. The region is full." Seems to happen since the deploys of 2013-09-23, I had reported it there : http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Second-Life-Server/Deploys-for-the-week-of-2013-09-23/td-p/2221089/page/3 Uggo
  5. Here are some reports of the problems I've been encoutering recently at sim crossings around Blake Sea and the USS. I hope it will give more details about the hazardous crossings and help resolving the problems. Some seems to be related to autoreturn and started after the last server deploy. Equipage : Me (Uggo Vieria) and my alt UggoV in a boat. Not sure it's important to have 2 avatar on the vehicle but I had the boat returned at sim crossing several times since the last server update and each time it has happened, we were 2 or 3 avatars on the boat. Boat : YachtLine 420 Key : cfdb25b9-bdbb-8802-04c5-e16a6f2b2764 'YachtLine 420' [10/10] running scripts. 640Kb consumed for 0.026845ms of cpu time. 'Uggo Vieria' [9/9] running scripts. 246Kb consumed for 0.039028ms of cpu time. 'UggoV Resident' [0/0] running scripts. 0Kb consumed for 0.000000ms of cpu time. on 2013-09-29 2:04 AM SLT secondlife://Mumford%20Cove/254/125/20 At the crossing between "Watch Hill Passage" and "Mumford Cove" I saw my alt unseated from the boat and the boat with me flying away. I right-clicked the boat and fond myself at 0/0/0 in the SW Corner of Wacth Hill passage. After a few seconds, I was standing at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mumford%20Cove/254/125/1 On the second screen my alt is still seeing us on the boat but the boat is stuck at the W crossing between Little Gull Islands and Treasure Cove Passage. I could see the boat and TP'd there. I landed for the TP seated on the boat but w/o animation and the boat was still stuck at the border (another boat arrived and has hit the border too) I stood up and found myself in the sky, the position given by my viewer : Treasure Cove Passage/59/-87/29 At 02:45 AM - secondlife://Union%20Passage/20/1/20 Boat returned at the crossing from Little Gull Islands to Union passage. Boat was returned "due to parcel owner return" with 2 avatrs sitting on it. (not sure if this was owner return or auto return), happened later in Hay Harbor (see below) and there I'm sure it was "auto return") From the 2 avatars view, the viewer keeps interpolating and flying up in the sky but w/o the boat. Had to TP from world map to get back. Rezzed the boat from Lost & Found (new UUID 9ae8be87-fd3b-9fb7-52b1-bb72598e0806) and crossed into Union Passage w/o any problem. At 03:04 AM - secondlife://Blake%20Sea%20%2D%20Turnbuckle/16/1/19 Entering Blake Sea - Turnbuckle from Blake Sea - Windlass. UggoV disappeared from my screen during a few seconds. On the second screen, he was at the sea bottom at the region border. a few seconds later, back in the boat and seated. Only dammage was animation stopped. At 03:25 AM in Blake Sea - Crows Nest, my friend Dex Moleno joins me in the boat. At 03:30 AM - secondlife://Blake%20Sea%20%2D%20Norwegian/1/116/20 Dex is unseated from the boat at the crossing into Blake Sea - Norwegian from Blake Sea Japan, I see his dot around 100 m ahead in minimap and he seems to be moving up and down. Apaprently a crash on his side. At 03:52 AM - secondlife://Blake%20Sea%20%2D%20Caribbean/255/71/19 At the crossing into Blake Sea - Carribean from Blake Sea - China, I lost my camera parameters (the boat uses llSetCameraParams) Had to stand up and sit again to have my cam back to its position At 03:58 AM - secondlife://Blake%20Sea%20%2D%20Kendra/83/2/19 At the crossing into Blake Sea - Kendra coming from Blake Sea - Beaufort, lost UggoV. On the second screen I see water flickering and reported position is Blake Sea - Beaufort (124, 384, 0) but I see the dot on world map in the center of Blake Sea - Kendra (copy SLURL from world map gives http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blake%20Sea%20-%20Kendra/128/128/5) From my main account screen, I see UggoV in the center of BS - Kendra moving up and down fast above the ground. I got UggoV back to the boat with a TP offer but couldn't sit him on the boat again because the sit targets had not been freed for the numerous crashes I rezzed a new boat, new UUID : 8193fa90-ffa4-8f65-b963-12b65ecef665 Another weird thing. I noticed that a hud that I made for reporting collisions was no longer working. Resetting the scripts didn't work and I had to open the script to see it had been disabled. Re-checking "Running" in the script editor worked but if it happens in a nomod object, the object is probably broken. I searched my logs to see when it stopped working. The last collision report was after crossing into Blake Sea - Yellow at 03:39 AM [2013/09/29 03:39] USB HUD Pro 1.2 Beta6: secondlife://Blake%20Sea%20%2D%20Yellow/4/142/21 (%RSYC 56 Time trial Waypoints%2%) [2013/09/29 03:39] Collision detector: Key : 9ae8be87-fd3b-9fb7-52b1-bb72598e0806 / Name : YachtLine 420 #BS86f0 / OwnerKey : 86f0ee10-938e-4737- b989-ad4e6fa9948f / Position : <1.69571, 142.32930, 20.13313> Afetr that, I no longer had any collision report until I re-enabled the script at 04:26. I have regular collision with my own boat or a passenger at crossing but that's not systematic so I can't say when the script has stopped working, I can only tell the last time it worked. At 04:50 AM - secondlife://Fishers%20Island/194/255/18 At the crossing into Fisher Island coming from Race Rock, the boat started flying away, even after my hud reported I had entered Fisher Island. After a few seconds, the boat vanished and I was stuck above water. Position given by the viewer : Fisher Island (314, 271, 23) but world map is showing me offworld in the north of Hay Harbor, can't get SLURL Dex is seeing himself in the sky too, his viewer is reporting Sailors Cove, Race Rock (155, -174, 40) and his world map gives an SLURL : Fishers Island (156)-175/41 UggoV's viewer is reporting Fishers Island (198, 255, 6) and world map is accurate with that (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fishers %20Island/199/255/6) By mogin my cam, I've been able to TP in Hay Harbor but after a few seconds, I was under the ground in Hay Harbor (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hay%20Harbor/166/203/5) In the meanwhile, Dex who was still floating in the air had his cam back to the boat that had vanished. he right-clicked it and found himself standing next to UggoV at the sea bottom, no boat for him either. I used world map to TP back to Fisher Island. The boat is still missing, I have one in my L&F but I don't know if it's from now or earlier. I had no return message but when I re-rezzed the boat using Firestorm "Restore at last position" feature, the boat rezzed at 0/0/0 : secondlife:///app/objectim/8bb6f865-b0e1-9282-7b74-18d1e6047008/?name=YachtLine 420 #BS86f0&owner=86f0ee10-938e-4737-b989-ad4e6fa9948f&slurl=Fishers %20Island%2F0%2F0%2F0 I sit me and UggoV on the new Boat, start it and enters Hay Harbor. UggoV is unseated from the boat. Position in the viewer title bar : Fishers Island (258, 202, 3). World map gives http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hay%20Harbor/3/202/4 that seems to be the real position reported by the server. The problems seems to be due to bad connection wih the new region, it's all blue on minimap and no land or object are showing on UggoV screen. UggoV is still stuck at the sea bottom in Hay Harbor, used double-click TP to go back into Fishers Island and it worked but Hay Harbor is still not visible. UggoV back into Fishers Island could hardly move but managed to cross into Race Rock again after a crossing that took around 10 seconds. I was hoping it would establish the connection with Hay Harbor but it didn't work. A TP offer sent from my main account to UggoV worked. at 05:27 - secondlife://Cats%20Paw/20/255/20 Entering Cats Paw coming from Hay Harbor. Again the boat keeps flying after my hud was saying I had entered the region. Boat returned to inventory at Hay Harbor 20, 254 due to parcel auto return. On my main screen the viewer is reporting position Cats Paw (118/128/173 and moving along the Y axis) i see UggoV moving with me but his dot on mimimap is offworld in the south. My world map gives http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cats%20Paw/55/190/-142 On UggoV's screen, viewer is giving Cats Paw (20, 255, 2) world map as well. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cats%20Paw/20/255/3. my (Uggo Vieria) dot was showing there too on the second screen but my avatar was not visible. At 05:35 my main screen was still showing both avatars flying above Cats Paw. i send a TP to Uggo Vieria from UggoV's screen. The avatar landed but on my main screen, i was still flying. Position on the title bar : Cats Paw 137/102/221 and moving world map was giving http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cats%20Paw/160/83/218. On UggoV's screen, I was stuck in the boat sitting pose on the sea bottom next to UggoV. I TP'd into Hay Harbor from world map and after a few seconds in the sky above Anchor Cove region, I landed at the desired position but with CONTROL_ROT_LEFT and CONTROL_ROT_RIGHT not responding. I rezzed a new boat in Hay Harbor, sat on it and stood up, controls have been released. I TP'd UggoV back and sat him on the boat again. Tried to cross into Cats Paw again but the exact same problem happened, boat returned due to parcel autoretun. UggoV standing at the sea bottom in Hay Harbor (Hay Harbor (49, 6, 3)) and able to walk. Me in the sky again. Viewer title bar saying Cats Paw and moving fast underground, world map and minimap showing my avatar doing large circles in the sky above Cats Paw, Schooner Run and going offworld. A TP from world map ([05:49] Second Life: Teleport completed from Cats Paw-13/-73/-110) got me back into Hay Harbor after a few seconds. Called the estate owner who restarted Cats Paw. at 05:54 New boat and new attempt to enter Cats Paw => boat returned due to parcel autoreturn. Both avatars standing at the sea bottom in Cats Paw. My ROT_LEFT/RIGHT controls still blocked. Calling estate owner again for restarting Hay Harbor. 06:04, both regions have been restarted. Rezzing the boat in Hay Harbor again. Crossing from Hay Harbor at the same location was Okay. Last think, I have encoutered a problem with ghosted prims that are still blocking the way in Blake Sea - Half Hitch and Blake Sea - Windlass, I filled a Jira yesterday about this problem. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-4024.
  6. Hi Maestro, I'm seeing regions that are online but won't let any object in. Happened saturday 28/09 in "Blake Sea - Indian" (https://support.secondlife.com/case-details/01771896/) and today in "Treasure Cove Passage" (https://secondlife.com/my/support/?caseID=01772358) Crossing with a vehicle was imposible but entering w/o the vehicle was possible. Once in the region, rezzing a boat failed with "Unable to create requested object. The region is full" and trying to create a prim failed with the same kind of message. The region had prims available : [02:34] SIM prims (bonus factor version): .Prims : Total = 3750 - Used = 2910 - Available = 840 In Blake Sea - Indian yesterday, a restart fixed the problem. Treasure cove was finally restarted by estate owner and it fixed the problem, her comment was " Hi Uggo... I just reset Treasure Cove. I am familiar with this sort of problem in the last week. A reset fixes it."
  7. hi, I've that happening each time i cross the sim border in front of my home. I agree it's very disturbing but there is a way to make those remanent prims disappear quickly. Zoom out your cam far waway and then back. since the prims are not sent by the region you are in, they won't be re-rendered again. Uggo
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