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  1. So this may or may not have been asked or answered. But a pay to play (like a arcade game). Which has no method of payout or output of value. Is it or is it not subject to this policy. Also.. I heard someone earlier state that sushant and myself are alts of each other. I want to clarify that this is not true. He is a partner that provides machines for those who do not wish to invest in purchasing machines. I understand LLs need to create a system. But the system they are creating here is both too complex and costly to exist. And sadly unless something is done as a compromise it likely will lead to a reduction of traffic into this virtual world.
  2. I have just upgraded my system to windows 8. whenever i run any version of second life.. either on the official viewer or phoenix/firestorm, i get a error about my graphics card being not up to date. i have a NVIDIA GEForce GTX 560 Ti card. i try installing the beta firmware but it keeps saying theres a issue while installing. i goto the device manager for my system and it seems that the driver installed just fine . has anyone had success with getting around this issue? and if so what have you done. please give me specific steps.
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