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  1. Oh Sephina Call him out on it, why should you be Banned or critiziied for his wrong doings..... that is totally unfair . I sussted you bring it out in the open before any of your other friends get ripped of by him, and they looked at you knowing you knew of his cheating behaveior and turn it around on you.... as ppl always seem to do they like to look for someone to blame and it usellay isn't that one that really did that wrong deed to begin with...... Watch your back girlfriend and Stand up fro your self. Call the Cheat a Cheat..... Thank you.....!! :womanmad:
  2. Hi yes there is a way to become a vampier without joining a Clan if that is what you wish , but not really reccommendend.... unless you are wanting to make your own Clan up which in is possilabe to do. If you need help turning concact me I would be happy to turn you an let you go on your way or help your in your frist weeks of becoming a Vamp. Of the Clan Damed Devine Iris Crescendo
  3. I love Froggies what a nice Spring pic..... Iris
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