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    pay tier in advance

    Hi guys. I would like to pay my tier dues in advance for ten months, for various reasons that aren't important. Is this possible? I can't see any way to do so, it seems that I have to wait for the Lab to decide to bill me. Thanks in advance Wol
  2. Hello Forum, I'm taking over the ownership of a group that already has all the land it needs, as the original owners no longer wish to pay tier. How can I donate (call it that) my tier allowance to the group to cover its land? The group has been in existence for seven years, the land is covered in buildings and other sfuff which I do NOT want to disturb. I've read the FAQs and the Knowledge Base, and cannot see any suggestion of how this works. Thanks in advance, Wol
  3. I agree with the first posters (whose names are of course not visible to me now when I write this response. Grrrrr. Fail.) Surely the point of changing your skin is to change your appearance? If you don't want to change the way you look, then just don't change the way you look. Case solved! Just out of curiosity, why not buy one? Or if you don't want to spend even even a few RL pennies, why not go to one of the many freebie places and "buy" one for L$0? Feel free to contact me inworld if you want some LMs (drop a notecard, I'm on holiday and don't have enough bandwidth to get online so IMs will be capped).
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