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  1. Ann, you're an angel!!! I restarted the sim after disabling scripts and now sim fps is 45, which it hasn't been the past half year. I had no clue phantom scripts could do this. Thanx so much. I'll remember this trick the rest of my life. Haaron
  2. Ann, that is totally true. When I deactivate all scripts on the sim, Pump IO rises to 20 ms. It takes what it can take apparently. And because I have a lot of "spare time", Pump IO takes this spare time.... BUT that still doesn't explain why it takes more than there really is available. Why is my time dillation around 0.90 and does my sim FPS never reach 45, while on other sims, with much more scripts running and less spare time and Pump IO only 1.0, succeed in having a sim FPS of 45 and time dilation 1.0 ?? I guess no one can really answer that without coming to the sim, but my guess is now that it is because of megaprims and sculpties, altho this doesn't really show in the physics statistics.
  3. After Cinnamon's answer I checked out all objects & scripts that could be network related according to me. Removed all my vendors (100, I have a franchise shop) and restarted the sim, but nothing changed. Did the same with Intan dance system, tip jars, teleporters, rental boxes, ... but nothing happened. So I'm back to scratch. Now I wonder whatelse could be network related and cause this huge Pump IO? The juke box of one of my renters? Neighbouring sims? Megaprims? Scultpties? Have quit a lot of both, but physics time is only 0.1 ms. Shouldn't this be more if sculpties or megaprims are the problem? Physics FPS is between 40 en 44. Or is it because my sim is only a homestead? Can a homestead handle less than a full sim? I'm all puzzled again... Haaron
  4. Thank you sooooo much Cinnamon! Great search! The only things using network traffic on my sim are vendors. Now I know where to search. Maybe I can reconfigure them. Haaron
  5. I've been searching for weeks now what Pump I0 in the statistics bar means???  Although I have a lot of spare time for scripts, physics, etc, my sim FPS is always between 38 and 42.  The only difference I see with other sims is the number behind "PUMP I0"  (or Pump IO ?).  This is always around 10 ms.  On all the sims I've checked this is always less than 1.  I have no clue what it means and cannot find it on any help page.  A big thanks for a short explanation!!!
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