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  1. For about 6 months one of my adult venues is being pestered by a griefer. He started by kicking around guests at my place, but once I caught him doing that I banned him. 

    Then he came back with larger equipment. He managed to kick my guests again while he himself was outside my venue, standing on neighboring land. He uses some sort of tool with a huge prim that he swipes through my venue, thus kicking out all the avi's that are not sitting on anything. And because I have already banned him, there is nothing I can do about it. 

    Now I've sent several abuse reports about this person. I found several of his alts and named them too in the abuse reports. I added pictures of him hanging right next to my skybox, I made pictures of the griefing tools he uses, I mentioned the names of the tools and the creators. I filed these abuse reports several times. 

    You'd think that something would be done about it. But no. The guy is still around and today he was again griefing my place, kicking guests out and annoying everyone. 

    I asked LL's Live Chat about this, and they gave me some bogus answer about the Governance Team working on abuse reports and them not being able to reveil anything due to privacy. 

    I've been around in SL for 14 years now and I have had several successful and busy venues. Over the years I have experienced several times that griefers could be active for a very long time, despite lots of abuse reports against them. Which brings me to wonder: how does this Governance Team work? How do they deal with abuse reports? What sort of proof or evidence do they need to actually give a temporary or permanent ban to a griefer? 


    Can someone explain this to me? 

  2. The nature of the platform on which we live??? That platform is a commercial business, not some godsent phenomenon. It is simply a commercial playground and the owners make the rules. So in this case the owners decide willingly to allow for these griefertools to excist in SL. I resent that.

    This tool CAN be fired while being worn, It has happened several times at my club.

    To prevent this I should move my club to a private island? You know how much money the owners of Secondlife charge for that? And I mean the same owners that willingly allow for griefertools to excist.

    Speaking to surrounding landowners is not a option, since the neighbouring land is continuously being devided and resold. What would help is if LL would change the standard settings of land, so that it would not always be wide open for anybody to rez their garbage.

    Maybe the object involved is a script that can be passed on outside sl. But then it has to be uploaded at some point, and it always is the same script with the same characteristics. It should be possible to filter that out.

    But a more interesting question is.... Why is Linden Labs not responding to my question???




  3. Since about a year the griefers of Secondlife have a new toy: Clean Burst. It's actual name is something like Sim Side Bomb. I am not a technician so I can't give a detailed description of the item, but from what I'm told it is like a 64.000 meter prim compressed in a small prim block. Usually griefers carry this item on their avi, but last night a griefer dropped this thing on a plot of land next to my club.

    This Clean Burst somehow removes everybody from a place. Remember when you rez a block around you and it presses you out of itself? That is what this thing does, only this block is huge. And you can't see it.

    During the last year we have seen several attacks with this item. Somehow griefers manage to pass this item on to eachother and they all go round Secondlife with it to have a laugh. Now what can you do as a clubowner who is victim to this hooliganism? Not much. You can ask Linden's Live Chat to do something, but they won't. They will tell you to send a Abuse Report. So you send a Abuse Report. Then what? Nothing. Well, half a day later someone comes along and clears up the mess. So your sim is finally clean and you can use it again. But... a week later another griefer comes along, carrying the same Clean Burst tool. And there we go again.

    During this past year I must have sent at least a dozen AR's about griefers with this same Clean Burst tool. You would think that LL would do something about it. But no. They don't. We know that they can. Over the years it happened several times that Linden Labs took certain objects out of SL, mostly illegal copies of things people created.

    But now there is a chance to take a item out of SL that ruins people's fun. So I pose the question here: why does Linden Lab refuse to take this griefer tool Clean Burst out of Second Life?





  4. Please all understand that I'm very, VERY angry about this. I am not a geek, I don't follow Jira and such, I have no idea that LL is experimenting with servers. I come to my place to find that scripted stuff is broken. Wen I send a ticket about it to LL, I get NO response at all. I need to search through Google to finally find out that LL has decided to test something and that they have decided to do that at my place, without consulting me first. NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT I'M ANGRY?????

  5. What is this???? RC KT is a experimental server?????

    My venue Free at Last in Owlet sim is on this RC KT, and we're having serious problems. The main affect is that almost all scripted furniture has stopped functioning, a lot of it is simply broken beyond repair now. I have sent ticket after ticket, but nobody responded. And now I hear that we're on a experimental server that we didn't even know about?????

    I have sent tickets to LL because I need help with this matter asap. Will somebody please contact me before I decide to shut all my enterprises and leave SL?????

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