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  1. I certainly hope you don't have any vision problems then I likely hve more cision problems than most people. Glucoma, had cataracts, uceitis. i am blind in one eye and visually impaired in the other with vision at 20/80 and use a maginfyiing glass to read. So yes, you could say i have visual issues. I can't handle the black/green; black/gray LL seems to love using, it gives me horrible headacles The black green is not very weel contrasted, nor is the black grey. The white and grey firestorm uses is pretty goof thoguh. Since many people with eye problems have photophobia, lots of bright colors hurt the eyes. I dont have it now, when inglammation was bad thoguh I did, felt like ants stinging the eyes every time i looked at the bright W1 interface. V3s more subdued colors would actually be better. Even the top of this website is hard to read. All I actually see is the bright white text at the top and the rest of the page. The top of this webpage is black and white. Tats as basic contrast as you can get. The ojrt option would be white backgronund and black text, but wite text on black is about as high contrast and thus eeasy to read as you can get There are blind people using SL including those who are color blind. Yes, i am one of them, i am blind in one eye. Not color blind, but the problem you have with seeing things in Sl is lack of contrast, not the coors likely. a black on white or white on back interface would liekly be good. and firestorm has them. Contrast is the key. Removing the silver skin in Viewer 2, they've made it very difficult for many to see what they're doing. third party viewers are adding new skins all the time, i think firestorm and some other viewers have a skin similar. I know firestorm has a high contrast skin that helps me a lot .
  2. Scaly/Furry club opening doors for vendors at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost%20Empire/156/170/25 . Most who come to cvisit the club pass through the mall to get to the club, and I advertise new vendors to make sure they get attention. Keep in mind we re a scaly/furry club, so if youhave vendors gearedtoward that thenthat would be great, but even if not, we welcome all vendors within sim rules (no underaged stuff, no parcle spam, etc). Avatar sellers and clothes sellers would likely do well in our mall, as would accessory vendors. The sim itself is largely mideival/toman themed, but it does not have to be midival or roman to be in our mall. Here is information on our prices: -The large shops are in the large gray buildings near the teleporter to the club itself. -For the large shops closest to the teleporter to the club, the price is 300 L per week for 100 prims. -For the other two large shops the price is 225L per week for 75 prims For the shops In the columned buildings, there are the medium and small shops. They are called that based n prim count, not physical size. --For the medium shops, the price is 150L per week for :50 prims -For a small shop, the price is 90L per week for 30 prims We also have 4 open air stalls, they are 60L per week and offer 20 prims IM Serith Haefnir for any questions. You must join a geoup to rz yor vendor. Please contact Serith haefnir for that as well.
  3. The Scaly Spot Club has opened in Lost Empire! The Scaly Spot is a Dragon/Scaly oriented club, thoguh all are welcom, furries, humans and other creatures that like scalies. If you like being atound dragons and scalies, this would be a good place to visit, if you are a dragon or scaled creature, then this is one club in SL for you! Feel free to syop by anytime: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost%20Empire/166/89/26
  4. I really don't have a choice. Both Firestorm and LL hang on log in and log out and put my computer to a white screen, and things take forever to rez., if rez at all. I've adjusted as many things as I can but really don't know where to go from here. Both my computer systems are fairly new (one under 6 months), and the other upgraded it to handle heavy graphics. So... there are other issues for me besides the interface. Trust me, I've tried to embrace them. I often use either of them, as I've said before in these forums, I know they're the future. Did you seek tech support in the phoenix/firestorm viewer support group? They tend to be able to solve most issues people have with the viewer. in fact: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=login_fail might have something to say about it. Log in failures are not normally a result of the viewer, they are server side issues. Firestorm and LL Viewer is not not simpler. I know Firestorm pretty well. Don't assume someone doesn't know the other viewers just because I'm not elaborating. Your arguement that people are not "learning" these viewer is just ludicrious. I also know Imprudence and Kirsten's viewer well. I do too, I have been using firestorm since before it was a preview. i self compile it and know it in and out. In terms of use, i never said it is easier, but it is not harder either. Most of the people that rant against v2 tend to not even bother learning how to use it or spend much time with it. Imprudence is a v1 viewer, kirstens is v2, but is no longer being made. I give up. Use what you want, and I'll use what I works for me at the moment. When it's forced on us, I'll deal with it then. I don't know why I responded to this forum. No one is trying to covert to a certian viewer, but complaining about LL viewer 1.23.5, a viewer that has not been updated since 2009, being depreacted and removed from downloads is ridiculous. What was even more rediculous was calling for LL to stop all v3 development and go back to using 1.23.5/snowglobe based code. I mean really...
  5. @Faye: I wish more people whoul follow your style and kind ways to comment...... Lol, the gist of her comment was "you arent a designer/builder because you dont announce it on your profile, so you have no right to speak about SL at all, people that are in clubs should just shut up and let builders and designers dictate the viewers because they speak the loudest". yeah, that would go over well with most people... just do us all a favor and research some things befor posting your thoughts it gets twisted and missing the point compleetly. Same to you and all the v2/v3 bashers. Actually use the viewer for more than 10 minutes before bashing it. You are using many of the same things that have been being tossed about for over a year. If most of those bashing v3 actually used it, instead of signing on for 2 minutes, seeing its not the exact same as viewer 1 and logging out, then i doubt there would be the hatred. Also, going off about marketplace, helpdesk, display names and such, which have nothing to do with v2 at all, are also missing the pint completely. I had hoped a lot of people whould agree with me It would have been easier to agree if you hadnt posted "make a compleet new viewer based on snowglobe 1.5 " and some of the other things, like about display names (which people on phoenix can also see). And this was the only thead i saw about it soooo.... was ment as a wake up call for LL to keep it alive and avalable to download, Why would they keep it available to download? It is going to start breaking soon with the changes they are introducing. Why would they keep it alive? they havent done anything with it since summer of 2009. why would they start now instead of trying to make their existing viewer better? They have every right to pull 1.23.5 from downloads, after all, they made it. But all i see is LL fans that diss me this is unfair just pay some respect to ther people that do like v1 styled viewers j I see no one really dissing you. In fact you are the one calling people stupid and such. Also, the v1 people have had over 3 years to get used to new viewers, and most of that time was spent bashing those that actually did try it. V1 people are ones to talk about respect, when much of the vitriol has been against v2 users and the v2 interface. they "inc myself" cant deal with v2/v3 interfaces.....yes v2 interfaces aka Firestorm viewer. V3 has a diffeerent interface than v2. V3 is more v1 like in form than v2 was. Firestorm as well, will become more v3 like in the future. Not being able to deal with any change at all is your problem, not linden labs. Firestorm can be made out to be quite v1 like as well, just not an exact replica For example why does LL not implantate Starlight skins in viewer 3?? give people the option to v1 the v3 viewer in several ways then i dont have to post here and a lot of people will be very happy because they are a thrid party add on not made by linden lab. Firestorm has starlight skins, as do several other v/3 based TPVs. You will likely never have a viewer that is exactly like v1, but some out there can come quite close yes i like blue and grey do you like black that much? i dont think you do Black is not that bad a color really, but whatever. there ae several skins that are viewer 1 like, nostalgia blue starlight being one of them. v3 is a bit better yes but come on it is still a bad viewer that doesnt allow people to customize it in a way to again.... make it more v1 able and that is my point! V3 is more customizable than viewer 1 ever was. Even viewer 2 was more customizable than v1 was. You just seem upset because v3 is not the exact same as v1 was. Wait til the TPVs get on it, they will likely make more v1 like v3 skins
  6. Serith Haefnir you're not a builder or a designer. I just looked at your profile. Depends on what you mean. i do build in world. I have made clothes. Mostly for personal use, not selling them. I have built houses and vehicles and stuff like that as well. The profile doesn't tell the whole story either, just because I am not in a lot of builder goups does not mean I don't build anything. As a designer, I can't use these other viewers without ripping my hair out. Your issue, not mine. Does not make v1 any better. V1 has odd, backward steps too, just like v2 does, just you are used to them because you have been using v1 so long. I find v2 just as simple for designing as v1 was. In fact, some viewers like firestorm have the sae build tools as v1/phoenix do. I need a viewer that gets the job done quickly, not a viewer that requires extra steps. It's just that simple. There aspects of these viewers that can't be reconfigured to make my job easier. I see no extra steps for most building. Uses same techology for building as v1 does. Some things in v2 take more steps, some things take less, mostly that is up to the UI which can be changed on TPVs. Usually the amount of clicks or such tends to be exagerated to make v2 look worse because they are not comfortable with the UI (which 90 percent of the complaints are about). With v3 much of those comlaints go out the window, but most have apparently not tried v3. What is your job in SL? To play and go to clubs? I actually manage clubs, and build them, manage sims, chat with friends (which i guess would be "playing in clubs" even if i am not usually at clubs when with friends). As well as seeing various things in SL. Just because I am not building all the time does not mean I know nothing about it. That's fine, but designers and builders are the ones who speak the loudest about the viewers, not the regular folks. Wrong. The ones who speak the loudest are the majority. Builders and designers are a minority. I see lots of people that speak about viewers on these forums, and more of it comes from technically minded people like myself than designers or builders, but then thats likely because we actually understand the viewers and how they work
  7. Karma Avedon you are just as stupid as the people that run LL Livechat by thinking in your eyes "older viewers" produce lag this is incorrect a person withs is using a v1 interface styled viewer can never in what so ever way make your sl or others in world or out world where or what ever laggy And you are just as stupid to think that viewer 2 or 3 based viewers cause lag, but yet i am sure that is where you place the blame for any lag you see. I will not use viewer 2 or 3 interfaces because i like my viewer 1.23.5 and i respect you to use v2 or v3 interface viewers you need to start respecting others aswell did you for example know 45% of the SecondLife residents is using a v1 based viewer? And no one has an issue with you liking 1.23.5, but LL deprecated it. It is their viewer, and their choice. Also, most of the "abuse" has been directed from v1 users against v2 users, not the other way around. Its just because the v1 people are becoming more stupid sounding as time goes on to people that have actually used viewer 3. A majority of users on the grid at one time used Emerald Viewer, but that means nothing Does the people that post here aactually know not everybody likes: Most know you don't like these things, but you dont really say much. Most of our contention is with the "well v2/v3 sucks go back to snowglobe 1.5 interface since i like it more" delusion you have. Lagg on a prim < Media on a prim, And how does media on a prim make you lag? Its essentially opening a web page. to use your own words: LL SecondLife servers and your own viewer settings or viewer use makes YOU laggy. Not Media On A Prim. Fake display names Ugh, you can turn these off. Also, phoenix and most of the modern third party viewers also have display names, so what is your point? In phoenix its under edit>display names. Vanilla LL 1.23.5 doesn have it, but it doesnt have a lot of things that are useful either. Black dark un unserfriendly interface viewers, And blue on grey is much better? Its only "user unfriendly" becauseyou haven't spent any time with it. And also, viewer 3 interface is more grey than black, and with firestorm or starlight skins, there is something else besides the default interface. Viewer and server updates weekly What is wrong with server updates weekly? Its better than what we used to have, where you would ahve to wait months and months and months for an update to the server, then if something went wrong you were stuck with it for months until they rolled out the fix. Viewers are updated fast yes, but then there is an autoupdater in v3 for a reason. You seem to be against any kind of progress in second life and want us to stay stuck in 2007. most of all hate the lastname for new account holders as Resident? That is something on the LL servers and has nothing to do with viewer 2 at all. They are actually going to change this from what I have heard. [i will not even start about mesh] Good, I wouldn't want someone that is ignorant and uninformed about it like yourself talking about it. You need a somewhat modern viewer to see it, not a 3 year old deprecated viewer. Does nobody of all the Linden Fan Boys club know how bad the marketplace can be and how worse LL Livechat is? Yeah, someone disagrees with you so they *must* be a linden fan boy. First off, marketplace and LL Live chat have NOTHING to do with v2 viewers, so your ranting is uncalled for. LL is not perfect, but you are using v2/v3 as a base to bash everything, and much of what you use to bash is not even valid anymore I mean get it together and face the facts that this is all a joke and really needs to be improved ( LL is not working on improvements!! they just mess around!) wahhh they cancelled my favorite viewer, i dont want anyone using a different viewer than me , i will blame all of SLs problems on viewer 3 and its users wahhhhhhhh. Things do need to be improved, thats part of what the Viewer and server updates weekly that you were complaining about are for
  8. I am hardly a "highly active" person. I just get sick of all the luddites who cannot seem to understand that technology is not stagnant. The rest of the technology world is not going to sit still so you can keep using your pentium 4. Its also stupid to call for them to cancel viewer 2 and 3 and al the work that went into them, and go back to snowglobe 1.5 or viewer 1.23.5 just because of the interface. if you have not tried viwer 3 you have no room talking. I use firestorm and viewer 3, so if i have a problem with them, I know what I am talking about, and file JIRAs to get them fixed usually. You likely have not tried viewer 3 or firestorm, and come off as the type that, if you used it, used it for like 5 minutes, didnt like the UI and went back to viewer 1.23 (which was Linden labs made and they have the full right to pull their own viewer) or phoenix. Anyone paying attention would know they were going to pul viewer 1.23 eventually. Your delusion that linden labs is going to reverse course and go back to viewer one is whats inviting scorn. It is a selfish belief. Never mind people who actually *like* the flexible user interface, no, screw them, we all have to be on viewer 1 because you want it. Thats not being a linden lab fanboy, thats people telling you the common sense notion to not judge something til you have actually tried it, and to stop speaking fro everyone ('Everyone must be on viewer one, cancel viewer 2/3 and go back to the ild codebase!")
  9. Linden Labs took viewer 1.23 off their dierectory because they are about to introduce achange to the inventory system that willbreak viewer 1's inventory system. Third party viewers like phoenix will not be blocked, and assuming they continue to update it, third party viewers with a viewer one codebase should work. That said, V1.23 has been out since 2009 without an update, they should have retired it a year ago but kept it around. You seem to be against all forms of progress in second life at all. You sound a lot like those that were screeching against voice when it first came out. You dont have to use display names, the user interfavce-especially as of 3.2, is actually good, media on a prim has its uses 9and lag is more often caused by all the scripts you are wearing). mesh is awesome, and I see no issue with mesh at all. Why should they go back to snowglobe 1.5? Viewer 2's interface sucked,b ut 3.2 and onward have the flexible user interface, which is nice. . I would rather them ban viewer 1 than ban viewer 3. You guys clinging to viewer 1 have known for at least a year this was coming eventually. They are working on fixing server lag and other issues (and then have people complain about it because they don't like the assocaited rolling restarts). Expecting them to go back to snowglobe and just throw away all the work on viewer 2 and 3 they ahve done thoguh is just stupid, and honestly selfish. I actually prefer viewer 3s interface to viewer 1s. If you haven't actually *used* linden labs viewer, or something like firestorm, in the last month or so, you have no room to be speaking about how it sucks.
  10. i dont like this new update at all. all the stuff has changed. i have ims from clubs filling up the right side of the screen. it takes me longer now to find something now. other stuff is on here now that i dont need. the stuff is smaller now and is hard to read as well. and what is with thie av thing why do i wont to be a noob av thats just so dum im sorry i dont need something like that. I whoud like the ims and pop like clubs and freins on the botom where it was. and why do i need to know what the land is called thats dum. i dont wont to know what the land is called i can find out jsut find with out it. it needs to be set back the whay it was. tasha35 wrote: i dont like this new update at all. all the stuff has changed. i have ims from clubs filling up the right side of the screen. it takes me longer now to find something now. other stuff is on here now that i dont need. the stuff is smaller now and is hard to read as well. and what is with thie av thing why do i wont to be a noob av thats just so dum im sorry i dont need something like that. I whoud like the ims and pop like clubs and freins on the botom where it was. and why do i need to know what the land is called thats dum. i dont wont to know what the land is called i can find out jsut find with out it. it needs to be set back the whay it was. In this thread: Stop liking things I don't like. Seriously, technology changes. Its laughable how whenever linden labs changes anything, you get people that go off about "Th1z updaye iz sux!" because it's different. Was that way when voice came out, was that way when display names came out, was that way with v2 and the sidebar, now is that way with this. I mean come on. People are never happy. Just because YOU don't use a feature does not make it useless. I might need to know the name of the land i am in. I might like having my IMs and notices pop up on the top. They should have the option to set it back, but for those that like the new UI they should have that choice too. FireFox Bancroft wrote: Good for you, you think it sucks, don't use it. No need to post this garbage really. You could have gone all through life without having to. As for me like the new V3. It's a compromise between old and new. You can move the buttons where you need them. You can have them at the bottom like V1. And the IMs and Notifications are back up in the upper right corner. You know the corner the same you people bitched about NOT having their Announcements. So LL moved them back to the OLD position and now you people bitch they're not where you're used to seeing them. *eyeroll* But I guess that what LL gets for trying to please un-statisfiable dimwits. This. Seriously. I like v3, even thoguh I mostly use firestorm. I see 3.2 as being a step in the right direstion. is it perfect? No. is it exactly Like v2? nope, its actually more v1 like which will hopefully get the luddites off v1 viewers onto something more modern. Its funny, all you people moan and gripe about how bad v2 was, then when they make a change to it to make it more like v1 then you guys gripe about that. Come onnnnnn. Seriously, some of you are unsatisfiable, and it really is very annoying. Randall Ahren wrote:I rather appreciate the OP. It lets me know not to bother updating to the latest official viewer. As for no need to post garbage, the same could be said about your post. You like V3, good for you. Re-arrange your buttons and be happy. Erm, except OP didn't say anything, just "Dis viewer suxxxx". Yeah, its not perfect, but half the issues he or she listed are not bad problems. They can be ignored or dismissed or moved around. The viewer doesnt suck because its crashing or making peoples computers turn into radioactive goo or deleting inventories, it apparently sucks because the UI is different
  11. Yep. Absolutely no wonder Lion has been dubbed OSX Vista. By who exactly? As i recall, snow leopard was ALSO dubbed OSX vista. In fact if anyone anywhere suffers a problem with apple software now a days, its OMG OSX VISTA!!!1!1! Most people have absolutely no issues with Lion. A few do have legitmate software issues, and some have PICNIC(Problem In Chair Not In Computer) issues. Most of ones calling lion "OSX vista" are usually apple hating trolls anyway. And the big crunch is that it's now imposed on new macs without even having Snow installed as option Kinda like how windows 7 is imposed on new PCs without even having vista or XP installed as option, or how vista was imposed on new PCS without having XP installed as an option. But yeah, its only a big crunch when apple does it.... If you want Snow and don't posses the CD you actually have to buy it and reinstall.  If you want XP and don't posses the CD you actually have to buy it and install too. Again, it seems to only be an issue when apple does it. Biggest joke, it even glitches with safari. Which glitches? Safari works fine for almost everyone i've talked with using Lion including myself. It has maybe crashed twice since getting lion, so i dont see where these 'glitches" are coming from. If i'd wanted a horrible interface like that i'd have bought an Ipad. Don't bash something you havent used. Lions UI is nothing like an ipad. I have both, and ipads interface is much much different than lions interface. Lion is only a bit different from snow leopard. Also, windows is going the same way with windows 8 so... WTF are they thinking about producing a keyboard that needs cleaning practically every day  Maybe if you are an clean freak... I have an apple keyboard and i havent had to clean it in a while. Maybe you shouldnt bring messy stuff around your keyboard and you wont have to clean it every day... as for the new mouse it's a total disaster, thank god for Logitec !  Nah, its not perfect, but its not a total disaster. Logitec makes good mice though So now it's all totally about appearance and snob appeal. Yeah, because all apple users are the same. I just happen to like apple computers because they work and do what i need them to do. it had nothing to do with appearance or being a snob. I get more snobbishness from apple haters than i do from mac people, going on about their specs and how inferior my computer is because it doesn't run DOS. Apple has betrayed it's faithfull pro users and gone for the mindless mass market.  I am a "pro user", a graphic designer. i dont feel abandoned. As for "mindless mass market", remember the snobbishness thing you were just critcizing apple users for? Yeah, that looks kinda snobby, calling most people mindless like that. Not to mention its how companies make money, moving into the mass market. Apple has become a market whore that i find no longer defendable. You obviously do not understand how free market economics works. They want more of the market so they can get more money because they are a business. Apple cant win either way: when they focused only on the "pro users" they were ridiculed for having "2 percent of the market" and called beleagered apple, then when they go after a larger market share then they are "market whores". Quite frankly apple doesnt need your defending, haters gonna hate. And LL, get on the lion compatability already. its been over a month since Lion come out.
  12. Switch to google DNS, that seems to solve many of those issues. http://code.google.com/speed/public-dns/
  13. While the advice "Never upgrade!" is great for SL software No its not, SL software updates fix bugs and add features. Never upgrading SL softare is just lazy and bad for people on SL in general. Also, most people, myself included, cannot use IE9, since its only for windows vista and 7. All those on windows XP and non microsoft platforms are out of luck, and since most of the people accessing SL are on windows XP, telling them to update to IE9 is the same as saying move to vista or windows 7
  14. I have been using Firestorm since the public beta came out, and other intenal betas. I have had no majotr issues with OSX lion once i updated to it, and neither has the mac dev or any other mac beta testers I am aware of. You might try contacting them by email if you cant get inworld http://www.phoenixviewer.com/support
  15. I have had no issues with firestorm running mac OSX 10.7 at all. I have a 2007 imac, with a ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro graphics card, I also have phoenix 1185 and SL 2.8.1 on my mac as well. They all run mostly ok (SL 2.8 does have the thing where the top menu bar and top part of the viewer window go black) so it might just be something with your computer because i am running nearly the same type of computer wih no issues. You might try talking to Phoenix/ Firestorm Support Group in world.
  16. You can access SL with 2.6.9 or 1.23, which is why those versions are still supported or allowed to contact the grid. Many seem to be driver issues, or are on old hardware. 2.6.9 or 1.23 will run on the minimum hardware required, just very poorly.
  17. Hmm, this is true. SSE2 is pentium IV and up, so they should adjust that to reflect that 2.7+ will not run on the minimum specs. Though I should point out that 2.6.9 is still allowed to access the grid as is 1.23 for now.
  18. SL v2 can run on such a platform, but that is the minumum spec, meaning the lowest that can run it. Anything less than that cannot. If you try running Sl on a computer with 00 MHz Pentium III with XP, 512 MB or more, NVIDIA GeForce 6600, and DSL connection you should expect it to work, but barely. Most people have updated their software in the past 10 years though so i doubt anyone is running it on a pentium 3.
  19. No its not updated too often, specially with the autoupdater. It is updated with useful updates most of the time, even if they are not user facing features. People just seem to want to go back to the old times when we would go 6 months between updates. Updating software does not mean you have to update hardware, but if you are still running a pentium 4 you should know you are on an older computer and not expect things lightening fast. Some features will not work on wolder computers at all. thats technology, it advances and you just have to get used to it. even 10 minutes is not that long a time for updating software. its people that never update their freaking software because they want to check facebook or email that cause a large part of the malware and viruses because they never apply security updates either. And just because YOU can't see a difference does not mean there isnt one. Most of the changes are backend fixes that make SL more stable. You seem to expect a new user facing feature with every update. Having installed every single update of SL viewer 2, the incremntal updates do not take much more space, if any. its certainly not a massive amount. id be willing to bet your internet cache is bigger than the additional filesize added by an SL update. As for time, get used to it, maintaining a car takes up time too, if you dont want to take the time to maintain something properly, dont own it or get someone else to do it. It is "my place" to tell people their complaints are stupid. I am in SL a lot, and most of the complaints about SL updating too much come from people who never update to begin with. Then they complain that they cant do this or that and expect me or other staff at the club i work at to take our time to help them figure out why they cant do what others can do. And yes, I would say this to them in person and you. I honestly do not like it when people cant be bothered to update software on their computer and then complain about it. SL updates are free, they are not a huge hassle. I do them, and if i can so can anyone else. What i especially dont like is the sugesstion that linden lab should slow down viewer development for EVERYONE because some people dont like updating or feel its too frequent or have old hardware. What about people that just bought a new computer or like getting new features? Oh no, screw them, *I* dont want to update and thats all that matters. Oh, they have a faster computer? So what, Linden Lab should just freeze all development because im the only one using second life with my decade old PC and demand that my computer be the fastest. When you are like me, and have to deal with peoples computer issues ALL THE TIME both irl and in SL, and 70 percent of them are because people are too lazy or stupid to update their software, end up getting a virus or having a problem with incompatability and i or someone like me has to fix it. Try telling me that its not my place after i just spent 5 hours of my time fixing a friends computer because they wouldnt update dsoftware and got a virus because they didnt want to take 10 minutes to install a security patch that its not my place. "It's not your place to hide behind your computer and insult people when you don't even know their situation. That is a cowards act." goes both ways
  20. No viewer is based on 1.23, phoenix, imprudence and others are based on snowglobe 1.5 . And more people are using v2 based viewers like kirstens and firestorm, as well as v2, every day. I dont see this drop off in people mentioned either.
  21. SL autoupdates, so it really is not a problem. As for new hardware, thats a stretch to say that everyone should have new hardware. My 2007 computer runs SL well, if you are on a pentium 4 you dont have a right to gripe about not having the best or fastest performance, you are on a 10 year old computer. I get tired of hearing people complain when they can't ever update hardware OR software. Running a pentium 4 with windows XP and expecting things to run at 60 FPS is like expecting a car from 1990 to run without an issue if you have driven it 200,000 miles and never changed the oil or tires. Cmputers are not that expensive anyway, every 5 years or so, get a new one.
  22. Second Life viewer 2 is not updated enough. And people with 10 year old computers demand that all development on viewers and other software stop because they are too cheap to update their hardware. The ones that aren't complaining about *that* are comlaining about a update that takes 5 minutes. That's just annoying and insane. Besides, most people like you never read the changelogs, so they wouldnt see any changes or improvments, and those that are there are usually backend changes that dont add too much in the way of file size. Linden Labs could do a lighter viewer with the new technology available nowdays, but the ones that complain the most about the size and slowness couldnt use new technology anyway because they never update their hardware, or in many cases, software.
  23. I didnt link to singularity directly because it is in the TPV, and phoenix and imprudence are more widely used third party viewers. The ones i know on singularity tend to like it though. Cool viewer i know very few on it, but if you wish to find it , it is here: http://sldev.free.fr/
  24. some viewers you can move to are phoenix, firestorm, imprudence, or Second Life Viewer 2. Those are all actively maintained viewers. See http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Third_Party_Viewer_Directory for other third party viewers. Phoenix, imprudence and such keep a viewer 1 interface with some viewer 2 features. If you only want to go with what linden lab has, go to: https://secondlife.com/support/downloads/ and pick up the latest viewer for your operating system.
  25. Much of the lag in second life is because of the servers, or sims not handling people that feel the need to have 800 scripts too well, or a slow connection. The viewer client itself is usually not responsible for lag. I am sure SL will be optimized for newer tech, though asking it to be optimized for DX in any form is stupid. DX is a microsoft proprietary thing, and optimizing SL for directx while ignoring openGL would be a big middle finger to mac and linux users who cannot use DirectX, not to mention that openGL is on all windows computers too, while DirectX 11 likely is not. Second Life is being developed, just when they do make ANY change to it you get a chorus of people that act like the sky is falling and its the end of second life and they are leaving forever and LL is a big mean poopy head and on and on and on. I saw it with display names, i saw it with basic mode in SL2 viewer, i saw it with many things in viewer 2 from the side bar to the other UI elements, i remember it with voice chat...whenever linden lab changes anything, there will inevitably be at least 10 people that complain about it like its the worst thing ever.
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