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  1. Nobody wants the 1.x viewers to be poisoned with such a horrible, unanimously hated feature as display names. um...if display names are SOOOO hated why do i see practically everyone using one? it is not a unanimously hated thing, just like the anti voice people that insist everyone hates voice, but then dont enable it and want to stop everyone else form using it. I feel that display names are the same. you are part of a vocal minority. I would love if they put isplay names into viewer one code base..but thats what phoenix is for since the newer ones have display names
  2. "First of all your the biggest retard blogging this crap" because personal insults make your point clear and make you right... "If you really think downloading a newer version of the sl viewer is not a big issue well then your so wrong" Its not a big issue, not at all, same with other programs. "i asume your running sl without changing things in debug and preferences and your screem position with the layout like building." I don't run viewer 2 much, when i do, changing that stuff usually takes 5 minutes since i know exactly what i want to change. "It cost me about 30min everytime i chang
  3. "10. Stop updating viewers so manny times people are getting sick of all thos updates just come with a desent viewer and do a 6 monthly update instead of every month or almost every 2weeks!" No, no, no, no, no,no ,no. No one I have talked to that uses viewer 2 is tired of updates, in fact the vast majority welcome them. A bi-annual update is too long between them, and any problems or new features would have to wait 6 months to be fixed or put in place. I would rather there be an update every month than every 6 months, it only takes a few minutes to install the new version and you can still us
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