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  1. I certainly hope you don't have any vision problems then I likely hve more cision problems than most people. Glucoma, had cataracts, uceitis. i am blind in one eye and visually impaired in the other with vision at 20/80 and use a maginfyiing glass to read. So yes, you could say i have visual issues. I can't handle the black/green; black/gray LL seems to love using, it gives me horrible headacles The black green is not very weel contrasted, nor is the black grey. The white and grey firestorm uses is pretty goof thoguh. Since many people with eye problems have photophobia, lots of bright colo
  2. Scaly/Furry club opening doors for vendors at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost%20Empire/156/170/25 . Most who come to cvisit the club pass through the mall to get to the club, and I advertise new vendors to make sure they get attention. Keep in mind we re a scaly/furry club, so if youhave vendors gearedtoward that thenthat would be great, but even if not, we welcome all vendors within sim rules (no underaged stuff, no parcle spam, etc). Avatar sellers and clothes sellers would likely do well in our mall, as would accessory vendors. The sim itself is largely mideival/toman themed, b
  3. The Scaly Spot Club has opened in Lost Empire! The Scaly Spot is a Dragon/Scaly oriented club, thoguh all are welcom, furries, humans and other creatures that like scalies. If you like being atound dragons and scalies, this would be a good place to visit, if you are a dragon or scaled creature, then this is one club in SL for you! Feel free to syop by anytime: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lost%20Empire/166/89/26
  4. I really don't have a choice. Both Firestorm and LL hang on log in and log out and put my computer to a white screen, and things take forever to rez., if rez at all. I've adjusted as many things as I can but really don't know where to go from here. Both my computer systems are fairly new (one under 6 months), and the other upgraded it to handle heavy graphics. So... there are other issues for me besides the interface. Trust me, I've tried to embrace them. I often use either of them, as I've said before in these forums, I know they're the future. Did you seek tech support in the phoenix/fires
  5. @Faye: I wish more people whoul follow your style and kind ways to comment...... Lol, the gist of her comment was "you arent a designer/builder because you dont announce it on your profile, so you have no right to speak about SL at all, people that are in clubs should just shut up and let builders and designers dictate the viewers because they speak the loudest". yeah, that would go over well with most people... just do us all a favor and research some things befor posting your thoughts it gets twisted and missing the point compleetly. Same to you and all the v2/v3 bashers. Actually use t
  6. Serith Haefnir you're not a builder or a designer. I just looked at your profile. Depends on what you mean. i do build in world. I have made clothes. Mostly for personal use, not selling them. I have built houses and vehicles and stuff like that as well. The profile doesn't tell the whole story either, just because I am not in a lot of builder goups does not mean I don't build anything. As a designer, I can't use these other viewers without ripping my hair out. Your issue, not mine. Does not make v1 any better. V1 has odd, backward steps too, just like v2 does, just you are used to them
  7. Karma Avedon you are just as stupid as the people that run LL Livechat by thinking in your eyes "older viewers" produce lag this is incorrect a person withs is using a v1 interface styled viewer can never in what so ever way make your sl or others in world or out world where or what ever laggy And you are just as stupid to think that viewer 2 or 3 based viewers cause lag, but yet i am sure that is where you place the blame for any lag you see. I will not use viewer 2 or 3 interfaces because i like my viewer 1.23.5 and i respect you to use v2 or v3 interface viewers you need to start r
  8. I am hardly a "highly active" person. I just get sick of all the luddites who cannot seem to understand that technology is not stagnant. The rest of the technology world is not going to sit still so you can keep using your pentium 4. Its also stupid to call for them to cancel viewer 2 and 3 and al the work that went into them, and go back to snowglobe 1.5 or viewer 1.23.5 just because of the interface. if you have not tried viwer 3 you have no room talking. I use firestorm and viewer 3, so if i have a problem with them, I know what I am talking about, and file JIRAs to get them fixed usually.
  9. Linden Labs took viewer 1.23 off their dierectory because they are about to introduce achange to the inventory system that willbreak viewer 1's inventory system. Third party viewers like phoenix will not be blocked, and assuming they continue to update it, third party viewers with a viewer one codebase should work. That said, V1.23 has been out since 2009 without an update, they should have retired it a year ago but kept it around. You seem to be against all forms of progress in second life at all. You sound a lot like those that were screeching against voice when it first came out. You dont
  10. i dont like this new update at all. all the stuff has changed. i have ims from clubs filling up the right side of the screen. it takes me longer now to find something now. other stuff is on here now that i dont need. the stuff is smaller now and is hard to read as well. and what is with thie av thing why do i wont to be a noob av thats just so dum im sorry i dont need something like that. I whoud like the ims and pop like clubs and freins on the botom where it was. and why do i need to know what the land is called thats dum. i dont wont to know what the land is called i can find out jsut fi
  11. Yep. Absolutely no wonder Lion has been dubbed OSX Vista. By who exactly? As i recall, snow leopard was ALSO dubbed OSX vista. In fact if anyone anywhere suffers a problem with apple software now a days, its OMG OSX VISTA!!!1!1! Most people have absolutely no issues with Lion. A few do have legitmate software issues, and some have PICNIC(Problem In Chair Not In Computer) issues. Most of ones calling lion "OSX vista" are usually apple hating trolls anyway. And the big crunch is that it's now imposed on new macs without even having Snow installed as option Kinda like how windows 7 is impose
  12. Switch to google DNS, that seems to solve many of those issues. http://code.google.com/speed/public-dns/
  13. While the advice "Never upgrade!" is great for SL software No its not, SL software updates fix bugs and add features. Never upgrading SL softare is just lazy and bad for people on SL in general. Also, most people, myself included, cannot use IE9, since its only for windows vista and 7. All those on windows XP and non microsoft platforms are out of luck, and since most of the people accessing SL are on windows XP, telling them to update to IE9 is the same as saying move to vista or windows 7
  14. I have been using Firestorm since the public beta came out, and other intenal betas. I have had no majotr issues with OSX lion once i updated to it, and neither has the mac dev or any other mac beta testers I am aware of. You might try contacting them by email if you cant get inworld http://www.phoenixviewer.com/support
  15. I have had no issues with firestorm running mac OSX 10.7 at all. I have a 2007 imac, with a ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro graphics card, I also have phoenix 1185 and SL 2.8.1 on my mac as well. They all run mostly ok (SL 2.8 does have the thing where the top menu bar and top part of the viewer window go black) so it might just be something with your computer because i am running nearly the same type of computer wih no issues. You might try talking to Phoenix/ Firestorm Support Group in world.
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