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  1. Private island full sim, grandfathered, with 30k upgrade, for sale: $900 + $600 transfer fee + $100 for half month sim tier = $1600.00 USD Sim tier due 9/23 Note, grandfathered sims have a tier of only $195 USD/month, giving you a $100/month savings on sim tier! It is no longer possible to purchase grandfathering from LL; the only way is to buy a region that is already grandfathered! This sim has the 30k upgrade; that is, you get 30,000 prims on the sim for an extra $30 USD/month. This upgrade may be removed by paying LL a one-time fee of $30 USD. Please contact Elysa Swansong inworld.
  2. Adjoining sims, one full sim with 30k prim upgrade, and one homestead, both grandfathered. Minimum Bids: Homestead: 650 USD (including 300 USD transfer and half month tier paid) Full: 1600 USD (including 600 USD transfer and half month tier paid) Sim Names and Tier Dates: Full Sim: Isle of Anoron, tier due 9/23 Homestead Sim: Tranquility Grove, tier due 9/28 Please send bids BY NOTECARD ONLY to Elysa Swansong
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