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  1. Thanks for the trolling steam ... as i have repeated multiple times, I have physics turned off on my object, thus that equation should not apply.
  2. >The PE is fine as it is. > ... PE formular isn't final yet but still adjusted . I was in alpha and beta testing, but somehow i missed the meeting were the equiv cost was going to jump by 20x when the object was resized. Also, If your read my post, you would have read that I never use physics on my mesh, here is my process as I have understood the Jira and mesh web wiki(and from talking to other people): 1) upload mesh object (no matter what you have, you to have a physics model, equiv cost doesn't seem to change much even if model is trivial http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/Basic-question-about-Mesh-primcount/td-p/1041743 ). 2) create a normal prim box 3) link mesh object to box prim (with normal prim as root) 4) click on mesh object and set physics to physics shape type to none This process has no effect on changing equiv cost(perhaps this is a error ... of which this thread could be a bug fix??). If there is some "trick" someone has found to eliminate resize cost by having the object physics as a single sphere or something, i'd like to know exactly how to do that so it effects equivalent costing in a significant way. As far as I know, the equivalent cost resizing algorithm is secret.
  3. Agreed niko and helium. Which is why I run my mesh physics on my external server using linked objects .... So there is no physics impact on CPU of mesh in my sims. For region owners they should just turn off eqiuv costing ... Any other reason they give is just not logical. Only good news is sometimes I wouldn't do all my physics external to sl .... Now that I am m igrating all this code, my migration to mixed reality platforms is much easier.
  4. Concerning the possible lag of large objects: I have not noticed any lag difference between a large and small mesh objects. Now i mainly link the objects to a non-mesh control object which has physics(i learned this needed to be done in alpha and beta testing), and the mesh object is non-physical. I have been doing this btw for a long time with mega's to improve performance. Since I have dedicated CPU's, the lag issue doesn't make sense anyway .... i.e. it's up to me to tune my sim to avoid lag. If anything with people coming into my sim with mesh is the performance problem, not having large mesh structures on my sim.
  5. I was building a new sim with mesh ... mainly interactive art where people would be flying through meshes ... everything was going fine ... testing was good ... but i hadn't logged tested for 2 weeks since everything was going fine. Now I find the resize cost is killing me. (i.e. 10 prims when something is small ... 300 prims when it's big). This is for regions which I own ... and their is no performance impact i have ever noticed on my sims if a object was small or large. Paying tier for art sims is death (i.e. almost impossible to recoup costs) ... and this rips out my entire strategy of using mesh for large interactive installations(I was in alpha on mesh ... so also years wasted testing) . It just freaks me out seeing my sim object count change dramatically during object resizes. Atleast I can recode what i did using the new mega resizing(so thank you to whom ever did that). But this means that all my testing of mesh, for interactive art is basically useless (which was a ton of work). This is my second experience on getting completely wiped out by LL decisions as a region owner ... I will not be fooled a third time ... and will do all my new installs external to SL and just backport things to SL as there is interest.
  6. Hmm ... is this so bad ... i don't know ... maybe we can get back to what SL is great at ... Sx, Rock&Roll and violence. Seems like trying to play to the educators was keeping SL some kiddy playground ... everythings so PC (I still can't figure out the nudity stuff ... as a art region owner, I'm totally confused by what is adult). This concept that SL is a charity is wierd too, I have to pay tier ... why shouldn't others. I do feel the budgeting pains of the educators, doubling costs right now is impossible to budget. Wierder though, Hardware costs drop in half about every year, why is tier even staying the same, if it was me, i'd have dropped tier in half ... for all (wouldn't have pissed off the educators too much, and would have brought in new land owners)?
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