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  1. This depends a lot on the version of the viewer. One made before the introduction of the code might have problems in showing the extra attachments. In Phoenix, the version 2 attachment system has been introduced in one of the later versions (I am not sure but it might have been version .725 onwards - current is .908) and I guess this is the same for other viewers. So updating to the newest version should solve the problem as this will for sure include all neccesery code. If not, then the problem might be elsewhere and geting in touch with the viewer developers might be best (they all have websites and forums and also support groups)
  2. As it has been mentioned in the answers so far that it happened when several viewers are being sued I think it would be best to create different cache locations for the different viewers. This is always a very good idea to do and usually problems decrease dramatically after doing so. Also creating a special cache folder helps instead of using the default cache location on the HD. At least, it helepd me.
  3. Mute und AR sind der beste weg um damit fertig zu werden. Wenn die probleme große genug werden, dann schreitet LL ein und der account wird geblockt. Natürlich können solche Leute immer wieder kommen und Wege finden einzuloggen, aber wenn die oft genug gegen die Wand laufen dann verstehen die das am Ende. Es gibt extreme Fälle in denen das nicht wirkt, aber die sind selten glücklicherweise. Ein AR hilft selten viel .. aber viele ARs über das gleiche Problem sind was anderes. Man soll sich aber bloß kein 'Sicherheitssystem' das alts entdecken kann aufschwattzen lassen. Damit hat man nur noch mehr Probleme und verliert nur Geld.
  4. It would be Phoenix for me. Back when Emerald started to implode I looked for otehr viewers and first used Emergence and then tested both Phoenix and Imprudence for which might work better. I found Phoenix to suit my needs best so I have chosen it. Now of course I am looking forward for a good v.2 based viewer and the first choice will most likely be Firestorm. The LL v.2 viewers have not really impressed me even when there has been big development from the very problematic 2.0 to the current 2.5 version. But since my issue has been the user interface, I just wait for someone to bring out a viewer that changes this. The features and functions in it have been great so it just need to get wrapped into a nice looking packege. And until then, it will be Phoenix.
  5. It has most likely something to do with how LL has changed the profiles. Phoenix is using the old system while viewer 2.5 has the web profiles. It seems very much like back before the third party viewers started to use the new inventory system and people switching between the viewers had problems. So I guess now with the new profiles such things are no surprise ... but ... maybe having two different cache locations would help to avoid them. Each viewer with it's own since having it like this is better anyways and prevents problems. The Phoenix developers might of course know more.
  6. Suella Ember wrote: (...) It would definitely be nice to have a bit more control over the badges though and it was mentioned at yesterday's Community Tools User Group meeting, so they may look into it I really like the badges and the opportunity they give for a bigger picture. The normal one is way too small to be of much use so it is no wonder that people adopted the bedges to the role of the normal forum picture. And then the writing gets in the way and the process of creating the background becomes a bit confusing. After all it needs a few tries to get the picture ratio right. So I fully agree for the need of a bit more control over how this shows on the forum.
  7. Ishtara Rothschild wrote: I wish I could discuss my role play experiences here. But like most RP-interested residents, my RP is rather adult-themed in nature. It would be great if we adult residents with adult interests had an 18+ subforum to discuss adult topics. This would be needed indeed. After all the nature of RP in SL is in the most cases one that might not be seen as appropirate on this forum. RP has been so much fun for me in the past years. Also lots of work and sometimes also pain and tears. But I am not going to miss out on this and still collect my notecards with memorable RP-logs. I just wish that I started with it sooner as some of the best scens from years ago now only exist in the memory of the participants.
  8. I looked at the ranking system and read up on it to see if I find something about how it actually works. I mean, from the description given it seems like the ranks are closely tied to the quality of the answer and not the quantity what of course would be difficult for a automated system to decide on. But anything quantity based and automated is not only easy to game, but also does not have any connection to the actual activity the person posting is doing on the forums. So I am slightly confused by all this at the moment and only wait for the first people who develop the idea that a certain rank makes them more 'right' then others. They will for sure show up soon and when people talked about some sort of 'forum elite' in the old forum (I have never seen any elite ever existing there) they will for sure see a alleged elite develop here even sooner. It might be too soon considered that the forum has only been open a few days to say much, but I would rather file the 'ranks' as one of the not so good ideas implemented by LL. /presses the *post*-button and goes right into the 'never-to-get-a-higher-rank-for-LL-biting'-bin :smileytongue:
  9. There is lots of fantasy RP too. And Star Wars and Star Trek as well as the upcoming Battlestar Galactica Sim and all the urban-city places. Either post-apocalyptic or modern day. On the other hand, science-fiction is extremly underrepresented. There are the fan-sims mentioned above, but aside of this there is very little. And this makes many people wishing for science fiction RP wander around aimlessly in search of a good place to stay on.
  10. Not only they should go in my opinion, but the creation of the badges and changing the settings in the forum might need some work. I find it rather confusing o_O
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