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  1. Bellisseria is a nice looking region, fresh textures, use of mesh (even if it is too high LI), the railroad is a nice addition. I used a Bibian train, great scripts, low LI and got nailed at one crossing. Heading to the campground I used a rail hand cart also from Bibian and got nailed at the same crossing. No whining about it, just would have liked to see another rezz zone. For a work in progress it is a lot of fun. I've spent countless hours on the Heterocera Atoll lines and have crashed, lagged out and lost my train, usually because of something happening somewhere in the region. It isn't rare it happens and to many of us. Some of those crossings come so fast one after another when the rail cuts kitty corner through three sims at once. I've even been tossed off of my train and had to go chase it down two sims away, now that was funny.
  2. Simply not enough Rez Zones in for rail in this area. Hit a bad crossing and there are a few and poof you're train is gone with nowhere to rezz it again. Nice looking area though, too bad they don't bother updating the textures and roads already in the Atoll.
  3. Hi there, been running around checking out haunted sims and so far found some really good ones. The best I've seen so far has got to be Vipers Haunted Halloween. You travel through hell to get to the "good place" and its worth the effort. You can check it out at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Panther Hills/57/215/94 I also visited Haunted House of Horror III and got lost in the maze. not a bad haunt but the ending was a surprise. You can find that one here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Felicitys Funhouse/224/198/3207 So anyone else got a place to head to and check out?
  4. I didn't know that about the relevance. Interesting, thanks for pointing that out
  5. So it seems like its 50/50 on paying for a demo. My own personal belief is that i am trying to make a sale, I won't charge people for a DEMO. I want them to know it will fit their avatar. I don't agree with that at all, but i can see where you are coming from.
  6. I'm curious to know how many of you charge for a DEMO and why you charge for it. More specifically why you charge for a DEMO. Do you only charge for one online or do you charge for them inworld as well?
  7. I'm looking for some great blues musicians for an upcoming event in March. I have one opening for a Friday evening , 3 openings for Saturday and one for the Sunday, if you are interested please drop me a line inworld.
  8. I had similiar problems with my AMD cards (Dual HD6870's) what seemed to work for me was to roll back the driver. This latest Catalyst version was causing some grief.
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