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  1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/50175750@N08/8077783446/in/photostream Check out the link for something I did for you beautiful people, why can't we be friends?
  2. Hey there! IM me in world if you want to be friends:p Scooby Mode Oh, and wanna fawk? jk.
  3. I'm bored tonight, I figured I'll check out the Second Life forums, and I have been here about 4 years here in SL, never really checked these forums out much and that's odd because I am big into reading forums and such and YES I KNOW, THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OBVIOUS QUESTION IMPLIED IN THE SUBJECT TITLE but anyhow, have you seen a change in traffic at places you hang out at? For example, I used to go to SDI Beach, and Bahamas Swingers club allot just to name 2 places... They have lost allot of people, or is people just quitting Second Life? I never clean my friends list, I have some odd moral reasons I guess, but I do notice that not many of my friends are online much anymore, some never and I used to have about 100 online a day, now it's about 30 friends of mine. I am bringing my friends list up because I don't see many people at the sims I go to, but I am comparing this to my friends because I am just wondering if it's due to people losing interest of SL. Oh and a second question while we are at it... Does anyone know the average time someone plays SL before they stop playing or lose interest? I'm sure somewhere might have a small stat sheet on that or the lindens may have a statistic on it.
  4. http://www.flickr.com/photos/50175750@N08/8366416462/in/photostream Check out this small video I done. If you like it, click my username, check out my other videos. I used to make adult SL films for 2 years, now and days I make flickr videos!
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