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  1. The group shows up because LL broke some things a few years ago. The old group invitation message had everything needed to do a mute nice and easy. Then a few years ago, a bunch of message types including invitations were consolidated into the tragically named ImprovedInstantMessage. LL goofed, and forgot to replicate all the information that was in the old "unimproved" messages. That's what they need to fix now.
  2. Do your homework. Most of the viewer mute fixes have come thru Jonathan Yap, he has a really good record of getting things done with LL. If he's working on it, it will get done sooner or later. Contrary to what you said, group invitations do in fact come straight from avatars, every bit as much as instant messages or chat do. The server is the transport medium and checks the invitation privileges, but you were totally, completely uttely wrong when you wrote up in this post that "although the invite is initiated by the person because it comes from the Group". That's just plain false. Groups are just database entries the message system checks against, they aren't active entities like avatars. Did you ever read a group invitation? It even tells you who sent it. The viewer isn't capable enough to work with the message format it gets, that's what Jonathan is working on.
  3. Group invites come straight from avatars, they can come from anywhere on the grid, just like instant messages. One of the community viewer developers is working on it, watch VWR-11178 for progress.
  4. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Incoherendt Randt wrote: Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Only the owner of the copyright for the characters can file a DMCA and have them removed. Not really, and there is a good business opportunity in there for somebody. There is a little industry of DMCA "bounty hunters" who make deals with IP owners up front, to act as their authorized agents to send in takedown notices. They contract to get a bounty for the takedowns. There are little firms that make full time efforts on places like Google, but SL doesn't get much attention. Someone oughtta grab that. If owners of copyrights hire others to search for and take action against copyright violators, those people are acting as agents. Agency is a legal concept where the agent acts on behalf of the owner. They must act within the authority given to them by their agency agreement. They have no authority to act independently. If there are bounty hunters, the bounty hunter has no authority to file a DMCA unless they have a power of attorney to do so. They would have to notify the owner. In either case the agent or bounty hunter must have a legal power of attorney to sign and execute a DMCA. The law considers an attorney in fact the legally the same as the owner acting. That is entirely different from me filing a take down order on say a DIsney product. So I stand by my statement that only the owner can act and must be the one notified. They then have the option of hiring someone to act on their behalf if they so wish. Do you use some kind of chatbot to generate your posts? You ought to read what you posted, it's funny, because it sounds like you are trying to make a rebuttal to something, but you really just said the same thing in more words. It's really easy to set up the authorized agent status and yeah, you could even do it for Disney if they want to work with you. It's the same thing Digimark, Markmonitor, Dtec, Muso and lots of smaller guys do. Really most DMCA action happens this way, it's a common kind of business to get into now.
  5. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: Only the owner of the copyright for the characters can file a DMCA and have them removed. Not really, and there is a good business opportunity in there for somebody. There is a little industry of DMCA "bounty hunters" who make deals with IP owners up front, to act as their authorized agents to send in takedown notices. They contract to get a bounty for the takedowns. There are little firms that make full time efforts on places like Google, but SL doesn't get much attention. Someone oughtta grab that.
  6. LL doesn't do refunds if you buy junk from other users, so you got an expensive lesson. At least it wasn't super expensive. I know what happened from that description, and some other people who bought those, and they felt ripped off too. So you see avatars for sale and they look like they could have walked right out of a video game. That's because 99.999999% of the time they did, even if they say "inspired by". They won't have any removable parts that didn't need to be that way in the games they were ripped from, and they have textures optimized for that too, not good for dressing up an avatar in SL. And SL didn't have materials until a little while ago so most of these won't even look right. So what can you do? Not a lot, but maybe you can help stop more people from getting scammed. If the avatar is on the marketplace you can flag it as not as advertised. LL might pull the listing, maybe not. If it's a character from a game or something, you can contact the company that made it, and give them links to the marketplace and inworld locations so they can do the DMCA thing. They might step in and complain, they might not. You can warn other people about the seller (just not here, naming names is against the forum rules).
  7. One trick is start with a filler animation with the joints forced to priority 6, then trigger and stop the rest of the animations running at a lower priority while that is running. That hides the preloading and makes it look like you know magic.
  8. Do you have an old plain wired keyboard and mouse sitting around anywhere, or could borrow them from another PC to test those?
  9. Lana Madonna wrote: Im not using Firestorm whatever that is, and thats the box Im getting but no option to click the Abandon Land button, its a Linden freebie, are we trapped into paying by not being able to get out of our premium membership?? So it's a Linden Home? That is kind of good, that means you aren't having some kind of problem with deeded land. On these parcels only the avatar who shows up as the owner can abandon it, even if it is set to a group. If the names match and it still won't unstick then you will have to do a support ticket.
  10. Lana Madonna wrote: Not working for me whichever way I access "about land" theres no abandon option thats clickable. Need this fixed so I can downgrade otherwise I'll just delete my account If you're using Firestorm they changed their menu to be "World -> Parcel Details". The dialog's the same and the button will be down on the bottom. Sometimes this messes up when you try to click on the ground, it works better if you stand on your land and grab it off the menu. This one's not clickable because I'm not the governor and didn't want to break anything on real land!!
  11. LL invested in a brand new virtual world that is being built by SL's founder. They are looking for alpha testers. http://highfidelity.io/alpha
  12. Nah, they aren't really trying to hide. A few months ago the servers got more aggressive about sending information that was really in the camera's view, that is part of the "project interesting" that LL just blogged about. Most of that really happened on the server, the new viewer has the final touches. Long range avatar watching depended on the server being sloppy, so that doesn't work as well as it used to, is all. Those viewers could fiddle with some things to make it work better again. It they could scoot the camera to near the avatar's mini map location, that would wake up the interest list. I think the Exodus viewer might already do something like that, it can zoom in on avatars that are really, really far away.
  13. I'll take a guess from the colors that this is on Singularity? All the viewer radars work a little different. For Singularity red=in regular chat range, yellow=in shout range, green=outside chat/shout but cammable, black=not cammable. An avatar can only be cammable if the server put it in your interest list. This is a little more complicated than draw distance, the server only uses that for a starting point to figure out what it shows you. Your camera direction right now and in the last while counts too. If you spin around a little, that can make more avatars viewable. If you're near a region edge, crossing over the line will make a difference. If you alt-click cam to look around the sim, that can make even more avatars visible. If you're on land that has the "see avatars" restriction, you can only see avatars that are in the same parcel. You also can't see avatars inside one of those parcels unless you're there too. Those parcels have limits on how far up or down you can go, too.
  14. I can see from a common group that last login was 2013/09/24, and I know that feel. They probably got tied up in some real life stuff.
  15. Damenod wrote: sany way to contact an SL admin and have them check when last someone been on and if they can return linden? Sorry but no, LL doesn't get involved in disputes between users. I think that's probably good, especially for custom work, because there is no way LL could have all the evidence for work done outside the grid.
  16. Full messsage is "Your home location is not currently available. You have been moved into a nearby region. You may want to set a new home location." This only means that whatever region you have set home to was down at the moment, or not reachable for some reason. You can switch on "Show on login" in the general section of SL preferences, then you can type any location you want in the login screen. Some regions have strange content or attract lots of griefers, so they tend to go down or get too laggy to accept logins. If this keeps happening, maybe it's time to pick another region for "set home here".
  17. Is that an M3 head? Old versions let you put glow on the inside "base" face of the eye, but the base and outer texture layers were placed too close together, so they glitch like that. If you turn off the glow, the glitching will stop. The newer versions of the M3 head don't let glow be set on the base. You can still use full bright on the inside eye base, and glow on the outside "cornea" surface if you want it. There is an update card that comes with those heads, wear it to get the latest version. There is a second fix in the 1.9.1 version of that head, it adds a transparent dummy eye texture box so your eyes will render faster for other people who see you.
  18. The new AO and other categories were added back in March, just like it says in the thread.
  19. They did tell us and asked for ideas, even had a contest. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Be-Heard-Proposed-New-Marketplace-Categories/m-p/1941683 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Inworld/Second-Life-Marketplace-Category-Contest/ba-p/1732033
  20. Money stealers definitely happen, that's why the debit permission prompt is BIG AND SCARY AND ORANGE now. And for sure there've been AOs and things with sort a of "virus" deal, they give out copies of themselves to everybody in range. They can't do anything at all if you don't wear or rez them, and they can't steal money without that debit permission. They can do obnoxious stuff like shout lewd chat and run stupid deform animations.
  21. For a quick check try turning off the bumpmap and shiny (maybe basic shaders too) in your graphics settings. If the hull looks OK then, then killing the shiny on the prims should look about the same on higher settings.
  22. Yeah, basically. If the boat is mod, you could take the shiny off those faces. Under the circumstances it might look better that way.
  23. The boat is OK but it was left behind a little. Shiny shaders changed in the last few years. Those boats will look OK in old viewer 1.23 or Imprudence, but that choppy shine thing shows on viewers from this year or last year.
  24. If you post the information you can get from your viewer's Help -> About you might find an answer to this. Firestorm is not a specially fast viewer, there is probably some incompatibility if any other viewers go much slower than that for you.
  25. You can wear any old thing and call it a tip jar, it doesn't even need a script. When somebody right clicks on your attachments and picks pay, the money goes straight to your avatar, just like if they right-clicked your body. You only need to have a separate thing rezzed if you want it to be pay on left click, or to split tips, etc.
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