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  1. I couldn't get the links to work because I did not see that there is a 'STOP' between "my" & secondlife.com = orders new glasses ....... And then by pasting the link for Calista mentioned above .... it works .... crazy web behaviour & big kudos for getting Profiles & these actions browser accessible = WONDERFUL !! just need to have them so they work consistently Access from our dashboards would be sensible, logical & much more functional
  2. Dartagan Shepherd says: ....... One personal peeve I'd like to ask of either LL or the community is to eliminate the "threats" and mentions of other grids. Not only are they not really threats, the bulk of users that they manage to obtain are SL users, and thus they leech off of this world at the cost of all of us. While you may be perfectly right in being unhappy with Walmart, and telling your friends they should go shop/join Sears, it's tactless and a bit impolite to those of us who are happy with Walmart and not interested in shopping at Sears. And yelling about Sears ... in the middle
  3. We didn't say that we removed them because they were not democratic - we said that we removed them because having them was not useful Ello Oz ... I commented positively on your post because it was clear & mostly made good sense however, opinions about voting may, as many things change with time & circumstance (that the Jira only allows affirmative is an obvious limitation) Having had the need to file a pjira today led me to this one >> https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-472 & the contrasting historical opinion on voting that I will quote >> " Torley L
  4. Amanda ... I hope that I have previously positively commented on your input, if not = I do so now !! I just happened to need to file a pjira & searching if it pre-existed lead me to this... https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-472 - Region Crossings Fail - dated 27 July '07 if you can make the time to read the posts , it will surely clarify the feelings many people have expressed here & in other posts I will quote from it a partial post by Torley Linden (My Bolding) ... one of the rare good Linden communicators >> Torley Linden added a comment - 20/Aug/07 7:52 AM " ..
  5. Thank you Oz From my perspective the sort of dialogue you posted is what can help LL to realise SL's potential by encouraging positive input from stakeholders ... especially those who know the product as it is - us - the 'residents' & customers Many of whom have posted excellent & well reasoned thoughts that would be very expensive if sought from any consultancy There is often something to be learned even from those who have forgotten or never known the joy of positive & collaborative participation. I am increasingly encouraged by what I read & interpret in the blogs
  6. If you can keep this up Rodvik & keep the communications & feedback response opening up like they have been with the other LL leads .... we have a whole new SL opening up !!!!!!! The expertise in SL well complements that in LL & the less cross purposes the better for all. /me huggz my very warm & fuzzy hopeful feelings & anyone else who doesn't mind a gratuitous hug THANK YOU !!
  7. A VERY big welcome inworld Rodvik & your alts & to you Rod into this amazing world with virtually unlimited potential Communication from you & Linden Lab is what will & has recently been making it easier to deal with the many issues & problems that have been accumulating .... please do not stop ! ... & do encourage greater inworld exposure & communications by your staff You will find that many problems will not be that hard to resolve, especially if you utilise the skills offered by those of us who hold secondlife to be a treasure worth nurturing ... others ... mm
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