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  1. I would love to attend the inworld Feedback session, unfortunately due to the timezones, I am snoring at that time. But I would like to give some feedback.... So I think the VMM is a good thing and hope it works well. Only thing I would like to see added to the MP in general, is being able to update our Inworld SLURL from the 'edit store information' page rather than having to update every single listing on the MP. As we know that some stores move sims often for whatever reason it may be, so having to go through ever single listing we have on the MP and update the SLURL to our new one is t
  2. lol some days I would love to mute him but hes a good friend .... it says its saying it from channel 1.. it just shows up as yellow writing every minute in local chat
  3. Yeah its channel one, thanks Ive asked him to see if he can change it
  4. I have a few things that read on channel 1, hes going to look and see if he can change his channel...fingers crossed
  5. Well its my neighbour and the guy that pays for some of our sim, so would prefer to find away around it than reporting it
  6. When I am on my land, every minute my neighbours breedable pets food container spams me with channel chat. e.g. .: An object named IC_FoodDispenser for Ozimals Bunniesv1.3 (owned by: XXXXXXX) said on channel 1: 0a712676-b6dc-8df0-43a4-be50efb3f747,STANDARD FOOD,37c0c50e-9850-4c96-9b09-1c66e0288816,v1.3 I am not wearing any huds besides my AO and has only started happening in the last 4 days.... its driving me nuts!! lol Does anyone know if its something in my settings? Would appreciate any help. Thanks
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