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  1. Dec. 23, 2010 Process Credit to PayPal In Progress USD 49.28 Dec 23rd I cashed out .. today Dec 27th 11:38slt still in process ????????????? wow ! this is soooooo slow .. the exchange was a few seconds for pay out now 5 days later I am still waiting .. and yes I know they only count WORKING days not holidays or weekends COME ON !!!! why why why make things so bad when exchange worked so well .. this is just silly UPDATE .. Original transaction began Dec 23rd .. funds were deposited today Dec29th
  2. US$ will be returned to Second Life accounts within 24 hours Well it has been 24 hours ..... my money is still in limbo .. it IS showing up in Marketplace USD but not in appearing LindeX™ Exchange US balance .. making it untouchable to me .. and it has been 24 hours. They should have just allowed cash outs of all mony that were already in Market Place USD and allowed us to do these cash outs for a week or so after the exchange closed. But that is just to simple... let me know if any of you guys get your US balance from Marketplace .. ty .. Belladonna
  3. this is NOT GOOD for me .. i had money in USD that I needed for my kids Birthday .. and even thought it was not much i was counting on it .. now I have to wait 2 days to get a credit back to my SL account and then 4 more days to process it if Im lucky .. well there goes my sons birthday this weekend ... I WISH we could have been warned .. I didnt even know this was going to happen today if I did I would have cashed out yesterday.
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