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  1. Mr. Altberg, Can we get a clear Positioning Statement on the future of Second Life vs Sansar including Target Audience, Content, VR Support, etc? Will moving SL to the AWS Cloud provide any opportunity for VR Support in SL or the migration of assets from SL to Sansar? Are there any plans to improve the tools and integration offered by SL, such as using Google Docs, instead of NoteCards, Google Sheets to Sort & Manage Inventory, etc? Last, but not least, why, with a burgeoning choice of 'Virtual Worlds/Platforms' to choose from, including Sansar, High Fidelity, etc., s
  2. I would like to run a SL Viewer (SL or Firestorm (preferred)) on a Windows Hyper-V Guest Virtual Machine. The Host & Guest are running Windows 10 Pro X64. The Host has a dedicated nvidia 1080 graphics card and the Guest VM has been configured to support VideoFX, which includes support for the latest OpenGL. Has anyone gotten a similar configuration to work?
  3. Why can't "support" tell me what # my case is in the que or an anticipated TTR (Time To Resolution)? On Feb 16th I opened a "Support" Case, regarding my desire to purchase a parcel of abandoned mainland. After 5 days or no updates to the case status, I contacted support to find out what that status was. As with my first post case filing checkup chat, each subsequent 5 daily chats with support have gone the same. The following is a sample transcript: DeanT S: Hello! I may be working with multiple issues already, so please explain your issue (including any ticket numbers
  4. Good Riddance! I'm one of the property owners (1/2 Region) who filed dozens of Abuse Reports against the creator of these pieces of $#!+, that would constantly pile up on MY land. They were based on OLD tech that was never updated. I would love to see a similar idea that was actually maintained and equiped with the latest Path-finding technology. Unfortunately, mainland maintenance is no longer a priority with Linden Lab.
  5. Note: This Post was originally published on January 10th, 2013, on my SL Revolution Blog For years I've been predicting that the next wave of Virtual World development would be driven by the inevitable competition of e-commerce, marketing and gaming heavyweights like Google, Amazon & Microsoft. All of these players have a huge vested interest in capturing the annuity income produced by the rapidly expanding world of Virtual Products and services. So imagine my "surprise" when I saw the Second Life Community announcement, about Linden Lab offering Start-up and Enhancement Kits on
  6. Welcome Rod. Good fortune in your new role at Linden Lab. It's no surprise that LL has hired a gaming-oriented CEO. There is clearly a ton of money to be made on games. There is a ton of competition in the MMORPG space. Does LL think SL can really go head to head with the Top 10 MMORPG Games? Rob has great experience with the SIMs. Perhaps we'll finally see LL implement shrink-wrapped starter kits and expansion packs for SL! I've suggested this, along with contests to reward content creators, who create best-of-class virtual designs, with inclusiion and co-op advertising in the shink
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