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  1. Same problem here, no offline IM at all since July 4th 1pm secondlife time. Discussed this problem at a forum and found out many people with different internet provider have the same problem, so its not us (not our email provider) its lindenlab (their server system) that has the problem. I did a ticket today about it, however at the forum someone else also did a ticket and got no help of LL, they only said it might be a single problem. Harms my business in the big way, I can only hope the problem gets solved somehow.
  2. Update 29.11.2011: NEW HOMESTEAD "AREA" FOR SALE! 3750 PRIMS, 65536sqm Special X-Mas Offer: 6900 L$ / week for the first month (afterwards you only pay 7400L$/week!) SURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Area/128/128/21
  3. Special X-Mas Offer: 6900 L$ / week for the first month (afterwards you only pay 7400L$/week!) Brando Estates offers Homestead Regions (65536sqm, 3750 prim, including: full manager rights on the region e.g. restart region yourselfdo your own covenant there are no rules!commercial / residential use up to yousplit / subdivide regionsublet / rent out parcelschange ground textures to anything you likeaccess restrictions in any way you wantno neighbours everno down payment only weekly tier to paydo any prim factor you liketerraform / edit the land in any way you likeany use also breeding, club...
  4. Brando Estate currently has some regions available you can use for anything you like. There are no rules about what you do at this region.. make your virtual dreams come true... TELEPORT: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kongo/139/122/21 7400 L$ / week, 3750 prims, 65536 sqm purchase price = 1 week tier! this means no costs upfront only tier to pay! you get FULL ESTATE RIGHTS ON THE SIM this means NO LIMITATIONS NO COVENANT NO RULES! do whatever you like with this sim everything is under your controll and up to you! for example : - divide land - rent out parcels - any use residential or comme
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