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  1. My main avatar name is Ephraim Mathilde. I have an alt named XXXX I have changed my email addr after creating XXXX (years ago). I have lost the password to XXXX. Please change the email in the XXXX avatar settings to "XXXXXXX" (without the quotes) OR send me a new password to the same email with access to the XXXXX account
  2. I installed a Security Orb in my LL home on Tidepool. I gave entry permissions to my GF and each of my alts. My GF and I have no problems with entry into my LL house and I know that several intruders have been dispatched. Yesterday I tried to bring my alts into my LL house and each was was dispatched. I examined the security list and each alt had been given entry permission. I tried to reissue permissions and that did not work. I took the orb into inventory and the alts are still being dispatched. Would restarting the sim resolve this problem?
  3. The product creator issued a new product to replace the one undelivered during the system maintenance procedure. Please close this issue.
  4. On March 31 I discovered that all of my Inventory folders and sub-folders are empty. More than 55,000 objects (including notecards and textures) were in my Inventory earlier this week but almost all folders are now empty. This is the first time this has happen in the ten (10) years that I have been a member of Second Life. The items that were in use such as some clothing and household items are still available. What can be done to restore my lost inventory?
  5. I purchased a Kaikaikororo combo shower & massage area from Headhunters Isle. I paid for it from my L$account. The ourchase does not appear on my purchases list; therefore, I cannot review the item. What can be done?
  6. How can my partner set 'home' TP in my Linden Home?
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